Dramas with Weddings! 🥰


I forgot my favorite!!!
They have two weddings but of course I love the last one!!




Which drama is this?



Fated to love you, it’s one of my favorites!!!


@kdrama2020ali @vivi_1485 I suddenly don’t remember who, or maybe it is both of you, is making collections like crazy

Anyway I think it doesn’t have umbrellas, but it could at the start, but it might also be the last drama I watched …

But this one has:

  • weddings, more than one
  • firework, a nice one this time, doesn’t look fake
  • kisses

If I missed any list just ask, as long as it is kind of fresh in my mind


:joy::joy: We’re driving you crazy, aren’t we?
In my defense, @kdrama2020ali is the crazy one. I just own the Weddings and Healthy Relationships collections. She’s the one after the Kisses, Umbrellas, Fireworks, Water scenes and Supernatural dramas.

How is the drama as a whole, by the way?


It’s a nice watch except when you reach ep 30-31, one can get pretty frustrated almost at the point of throwing the laptop, haha. No, not really, but at that point all the frustrating plots, characters have too much air time, so it’s a little hard to get through. Well, there are a lot of political schemes going on.


ahhhh the typical historical drama :woman_facepalming:


Haha, then most of the ones I have watched must be a-typical, haha, because it never felt this “tense” and I don’t mean in a good way, as many of the baddies are one-dimensional, they are so stupid that they only can follow one goal and the end is apparent, anyway as one of the baddies always said - Once a loser, always a loser.


I have an Umbrella Collection, Fireworks Collection and a Kiss Collection yes! I’ll add it to those! Yippie I needed another fireworks!

I have not started a water scene one yet but I could - but I’m leaning historical hotties - who knows!
17 is not enough! Right!


haha I went through a really crazy “silly-chinese-historical-dramas-that-make-no-sense-whatsoever” phase :joy: I watched soooo many nonsensical ones! I remember there was one villain who was so obsessed with having a mustache EXACTLY like the Emperor’s :joy: he would stick it on and comb and groom it every time we see him :rofl::rofl:


Sounds like the one I saw last, what was it - ah, The Imperial Coroner. He was an eunuch, a real one, that is why he was so obsessed with the mustache, as he couldn’t grow one. I remember someone offered him that when he dies, he would burry him with a mustache.


Ahh yes, that one!


Oh no. I’ve been slogging through this one a half episode at a time and haven’t even reached that point. I haven’t given up because I like the two main leads’ characters, and it ‘feels’ like there is an interesting story there, but it is taking so long to develop.

That was such a funny storyline.


LOL Me too, but at some point I split the screen and play cards - spider - but that means sometimes I need to go back to read the subs again, when something happened and I couldn’t grasp it.


At first I was thinking that I am not that good at multitasking and I’d spend more time rewinding to re-read subtitles, but then I realized that things happen so slowly in that drama, I could probably manage. :sweat_smile:


My go to game, on the app. Need to get that on this phone :wink::+1:t5: thanks for the reminder. :blush:



2 in Lost Romance! Well there were 2 Worlds! And I’m so In Love!!!


The proposal in Mysterious Love is Pretty Good!!! And the Wedding!

Mysterious love is such good Campy Yummy Goodness!!! :purple_heart: