Dramas you wouldn't recommend?

I don’t really like action or political, I am big fan of melodrama! But still I am standing behind of my list. I don’t like historical or supernatural, which maybe reason disliking Master’s Sun, Faith and MLFtS.

There is also one recently watched drama, which I absolutely would not recommend, Fashion King! I was wasted time, really rubbish, especially end of drama! I had a really bad feeling after watching the drama. End was shocking and was not suited to script at all.

You like melodramas?

Did you watch beyond the clouds then?

Not yet, but maybe it will be my next drama!

I love melodramas and this is my favorite one even tho i can’t decide between 49 days and beyond the clouds… and 49 days made it into my favorite dramas. So yes it’s that good for me.
But don’t leave and wait till you pass episode 5… because it’s getting awesome after that.

“Stairway to Heaven” I know is a popular drama but It was so boring for me that I couldn´t finish it. I only watched 13 ep , Kwon Sang Woo is a great actor and I like others of his dramas and movies like “love so divine” , this movie is funny.

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“Jang Ok Jeong She dies at the end.” Lol lol lol lol lol lol!

Lol lol lol lol! My washing machine broke down last week and while waiting for the necessary piece, I thought: let’s do it “Korean drama style”… how bad can that be? It even looked romantic with the boyfriend in Rooftop Prince. So I filled the bathtub with water, put in the sheets, and starting stumping up and down while I called out my other half…

  1. It took me ages! And not even with music is entertaining. The clothes were, pssaa… but my feet have never been so white.
  2. To drain the water from the sheets almost broke all my fingers. They were really painful for the next three days.
    3.Needless to say, the boyfriend didn’t make an appearance AT ALL!

why did this comment make me laugh so much! xD

ROFLMFAO!! I had to do that several times in India thank god though the hubby was there draining the water out is INSANELY HARD!!! :stuck_out_tongue: They make it look like so much fun in the dramas…reality SUCKS!!

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The Prime Ministry is Dating if I haven’t already posted it …was so baddddddddd considering it started off sooo good

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Yes! It is… I think after recovering from that day, with the new muscles, I can play the piano 20% faster…


A Well Raised Daughter omg, skip it if you can. I gave it a chance unknowingly… when I found out that it was 122 episodes, I still kept going. Goodness gracious! horrible long, draggy, and you will hate almost every character in here.

The only good thing about it is the concept. It’s about a little girl that grows up in a very traditional family. Her family only lets boys/men inherit. So, her being a girl, struggled to become her family’s bread winner. The inspiring part was that through her hardships as a girl, then as a woman, it lead her to become a strong capable person.

The ones that comes to mind is High kick through the Roof S2 - there are no words to describe what I felt with this one. It’s amazing for 125 episodes, but the f¨d up the ending so badly, terribly , awfully that it totally ruined how much I loved it for that long. I would not recommend this to anyone, if anything I would want to prevent you from giving this a shot, since that’s what I did and regretted ever since.

Marry Me Marry - It was really boring. Both of the main charachters were boring and serious. I hated it.
Protect the boss - I know, lots of people love it but the story was away from sincerety. I didnt touch my heart.
Big - I adore Gong Yoo but i hated the drama even with him. The topic is perfect, the actors are perfect but the ending ruins everything. I checked lots of times to understand that that scene was the ending.It was disappointing.

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I loved Marry Me Marry I would kill to be that girl and have JGK and KJW fight over me granted I’m totally bias as both actors are in my Top 10 of men i must kidnap…it’s one of those you either love to death or hate
Protect the Boss I also enjoyed didn’t make it into my all time faves or anything though but enjoyed it
Big I loved loved LOVED but the ending throws ALOT of people off since it is a series of flashback scene, than present, flashback-present ect so it left several ppl going WTF!!?? I got it though but I had a friend explain it to me beforehand so I was prepared :wink:


Marry Me Mary, was seriously boring. I fell asleep a lot and I didn’t even finish the last two episodes. It was great in the beginning for like 5-6 eps. but after that it got so draggy and the scenes were irrelevant.

7th Grade Civil Servant, was also one of those that starts of strongly but towards the middle went down hill. It got boring and really dumb with the secrecy being dragged out. I stopped at about ep. 13. I just got tired of anticipating.

Beyond The Clouds aka Full Sun, is another drama I do not recommend. It has a great plot but the execution was lame. The deceptions got old and tangled up. The romance was alright. Not the greatest. I watched till episode 14 (16 total), and stopped. I watched it that far because I kept thinking there would be more to it, but the plot fell off and never gained my interest back.

:open_mouth: lol this is my favorite melodrama together with 49 days :smiley:

I think I didn’t like it because there was lots of revenge type shows coming out at the same time. I was watching some Thai lakorn (drama) that had the revenge theme.

I really wanted to like it since I normally like indept type of melodramas, but Full Sun just wasn’t my cup of coffee. (lol) I’m glad you liked it though. OMO! but I loved 49 days! I cried so much! It’s dear to me. :smile:

hahahaha 49 days was AWESOME !! i know what you mean. Like everybody likeed You’re beautiful but i really don’t like it. Because i watched too many “girl turns into boy” dramas back then ^^

49 Days is the only drama I allow to have that kind of ending. It was sort of the perfect ending that made sense.

I actually really liked You’re Beautiful. I like all the “cross dress - girl to boy” dramas. Lol well, except A Well Raised Daughter. I really don’t like that show.