Enemies to lovers/bad boy falls for good girl recommandations PLEASE!


For me, the original posters must not be held at fault, and the way I see it, no one is blaming the original poster here for opening a new thread. They’re new, so they really don’t know anything about how this place functions.
It’s rather about misguiding these original posters. If we already know that a topic is duplicate, guide them to a more popular thread with (almost) the same answers. After all, they open topics with the intention to get answers. It’s a different story if someone is opening a thread to become popular on their first day. We had such a case a few months back if anyone remembers(the man who complained about subs in every other thread?)

Just as Lutra said, merging topics breaks the flow, then why create these flows in duplicate topics in the first place? Let the original poster know about already existing threads and continue the conversation there.

If the same answers are found in the same duplicate threads, useful information gets buried down. I hope, in the future, if someone asks a duplicate question, rather than creating a flow in that duplicate topic, we can continue the conversation in an already existing thread.


I think we all have done that - and we did send her to some of our other threads and I sent her to some of my collections.

Actually this could be changed to a
Hate to Love Relationship thread - we don’t actually have one of those!
My main thing is that someone should feel welcome! And not like they are creating some circus!
I am the circus so I’m ok with that label. I just want her to feel the love.

I do not advocate merging this thread at all - it does mess up the flow of other threads.


Exactly, I was just explaining since she asks if she did anything wrong.
As you can see in my reply, I post two recommendations of different topics where she can find an answer to her question.

Totally, because you came here kind of lost, just trying to figure it out how all these works lol


Thank you guys!!! You gave me a good feeling :heart_eyes:
I changed the theme, so maybe this helps.
I am soo thankful for your recommandations and also that you guys told me about the issue with the threads.
I think that a community should not be toxic and that one can talk about issues, like you guys did to me. :blush:


Welcome to our community! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I think Viki should be a little clearer about the guidelines… they’re hidden away somewhere. Next time, just use the search box to check if there’s a thread similar to the one you want and comment there :smile: Your new topic name is really good! We know what you want at a glance now^^

Have you watched this one?

I love how the ML is always annoyed at the world in general but you slowly see him soften up and open his heart to FL :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
There’s also Legend of the Blue Sea and Thirty But Seventeen… I don’t know if you’ve watched them before, though :sweat_smile:


Since I’m watching it right now lol


For Love of the Bad Boy Bad Boy Thread

Woo Do Hwan - Tempted!!!

So this is a LONG ONE - and @natyh and I watched the 2ML - Hao Du soften into a sweet bad boy that we always knew he would be - don’t watch for the Main Lead Couple - You want to watch for these two - I am still in love with Hao Du
Long Ballad

Bad Boy Collection


awww Baddie!!!


Fun Bad Boy Annoyed Chef to fall for the girl with a ghost inside of her

Bad Boy Protector and his muse

Well it’s DOOM

Bad Boy/Broken Boy falls for the girl


Thank you! :blush:
Next time I will follow your tips, so everyone is happy

Suspicious Partner have I watched before, but the other one are going straight on my list :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t have any suggestions at the moment but @leah3005, Welcome to Discussions.


Sooo sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you!!


WELCOME to Discussion!

If you are very young, and want an idol drama, you might not like my suggestion, BUT if you like JI SUNG (The Devil Judge/Heal me/Kill me) This is one hell of a drama where HATE makes one suffer so much just to fall passionately in love. I don’t get tired from watching this one.


I’m with you 100%. Some people’s thread (like yours) are very/more popular than those old threads they want ppl. to merge into.

I don’t see what’s the big deal of making a new thread, like there’s not enough space here or something. Why go to threads that you have to scroll for so many minutes just to get to the recent post?

One thing I do ALL the time; They merge my topic, I request to have my post deleted bc is going to get buried under a thread I don’t care to be in.

WELCOME @leah3005! Don’t worry be happy.


Bad Boy/ Good Girl
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes-not a rom com, but a melodrama. That said, ultimate bad boy male lead

Enemies to Lovers
Boys Over Flowers
1% of Something-not true enemies, but FL and ML start out disliking each other


Oh good one - I rewatch this one ALL the time! and was thinking of doing another rewatch


One of my all-time favorites. I literally just finished a re-watch yesterday.


For Sure!
1% of Something is a rom com gem. I have come to appreciate it more and more as time goes by. I like to re-watch it as well.


You guys are so kind and sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I heard of 1% of Something and I think this is a Drama I would really like, so thank you! Totally forgot about this one.

I really loved Just between lovers and a I did not find a similar drama to watch yet.

Oh I forgot about Descendant of the sun one of my all time favorites :heart_eyes:…do you guys know something familiar?


Just started 1% of Something, WOW
Thank you sooo much! This one is so far really good. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: