Anyone needs a translator, I speak both Arabic and English. I also understand a little bit of Korean too. I’m new but would like to work on some subtitles if you let me. Thanks.

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Go to the explore page, and choose Arabic as a language.
You will see all projects translated in Arabic.
Click on each project and find the team. Under the header SUBTITLING TEAM, there are little round profile images and the team name. Click on the team name and you’ll taken to the team members’ page. Actually you can get there even more easily from the main drama page, by adding to the URL this:
The page looks like this:

There you will find the name of the Arabic moderator. If you click on their username, you’ll be taken to their profile page. You can go to anyone’s profile page if you put their username into this URL. https://www.viki.com/users/USERNAME/overview
Visit their profile pages and see when they were last active (from Recent Contributions).
If they have been active in the last six months, keep their names and send each one a message, in Arabic, taking good care of spelling and syntax, saying who you are and that you would like to be part of a subbing team.
I did some of this work for you, to get you started.
Here is one of the most active Arabic moderators, who has lots of projects:
Some others are:
ethar_6555_57 Ethar Wahsh (active May 2020)
msruru1 (last active Dec.2019)
youraverageangel (Sara) (last active Jan. 2020)
joudkh96 (joud al khatib) last active Jan. 2020
hadoosh01 Last active March 2020
mortezalive13_365 (Last active Jan 2020)

Here are some names of Arabic translators from my file. Some of them may have upgraded to moderators, so check out their profiles. They might also not be active anymore, but I frankly don’t have the time to check them one by one for you, you’ll have to go to their profile page as I told you how:
fatimas, natserious, jihane_khebouiz_said, fadilfatima832_608, Hadeel6060, aliaa_ahmed_2, umno, rahimarahoma, yamane_almohammad, houaida11, sara__n, joudkh96,
saifinoo_494, taif_saad2016_847, faty57, maryouma_mimita_57, radwa_hachem, farah_abida, sofajb@judemno, souyong_lee, yasmina22, sabiner, lamia_elsayed

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