English to Swedish subber looking for a new project

Hi! I’m currently looking for a drama I can translate from English to Swedish. If you might have some work for me, or know where I can find a project, please contact me. Thank you!

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Hej! Du är välkommen att hjälpa till med svensk text till “Iljimae” om du vill. Hör av dig! :slight_smile:

You can check The Liar and His Lover :)))
Thanks <3

Thank you for all the replies! I’m SO SORRY for not replying sooner but there’s just been… A LOT going on lately. I’m not looking to subtitle anything for now, but thank you so much for reaching out.

  • Wangri
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Tack för svar! Ha det fint!:sparkling_heart:

Ska :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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