Enough with male lipstick already!


Lee Su Hyeok?


omg yes Lee Soo-Hyuk!
his ears are really cute though! :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: now i REALLLLY wanna watch his dramas, it’s love at first sight! :joy:


All these ears remind me of PK :joy:




oh the unforgettable Aamir Khan! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


PK is one of my very favourite Indian films!


Took me a while to “get used to” - I think it’s part of their charm - and are unapologetic about it. They don’t have to cater to “western” preferences. Not just in lipstick and make up but hair and clothes :sweat_smile: but I think only SK male celebs can get away with it - I can’t see a let’s see, Chris Hemsworth pulling it off not sure… but why do they have to “ruin” such beautiful eyebrows though? Kim Soo Hyun’s eyebrows were amazing and then they microbladed it. RIP Eyebrows and then they put eyebrow make up on it :disappointed_relieved:


And those from other Asian countries.

Oh, well, and some western countries as well …




Good point… on “western” male celebs, most of them seem to rock the eyeliner rockstar look though but it’s different (for me anyway) - it’s sexy and scruffy-hot :sweat_smile:…the SK male celebs -it’s really “polished-flowery” - in my head I’m the only one making sense I know :joy:.


yes! he is such a good actor, I really liked him in neighborhood hero! well the other ones too. but he stood out for me in this one.

olk just started watching ten tailed fox legend, and 1. he mentioned goblin!! 2 looks like he isn’t wearing lipstick in this one like he did in goblin 3 he is still cute!! 4 his eyes changes!


Some viewers might be disappointed … :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw a recent episode of My little Old Boy and one of the cast members, Lee Sang Min (he does his own hair, make up, etc.) had put on this ‘lip tattoo’, not knowing how red it was going to be. He looked so extra :laughing:

When the lighting changes you see how red it is.


At least it’s not a permanent tattoo … :joy:


so today I went onto Soompi and this was the headline:

and I started laughing so hard all I could see were the guy’s ears!! :joy::joy::crazy_face:


I don’t know, in guys sometimes it can be sort of sweet, but I dislike it in girls. If they have even shoulder-long hair, the ears stick out of the hair and it’s terrible.
Again, what makes me wonder is that in Korea, the country of plastic surgery, they correct anything, even the smallest details that they didn’t really need to, but then they let those ears a pass. Maybe they are not considered a problem?

But there is at least one celebrity who had them fixed. Go Ara.


Maybe it’s too expensive? After all, they have to make sure they have enough money left for lipstick … :stuck_out_tongue:


i dont think they have money for even lipstick…mostly its the guys who are wearing enough for both lol😂


That was a good one @vivi.

It turns me completely OFF when I see the male actors with pounds of lipsticks, and the female actress with a HINT of lipstick on the bottom lip and some of them with lipstick on the top lip, but nothing on the bottom; What’s the fudge?

Lately in dramas, things are becoming worse to look at, when the female actress has a dark red lipstick/burgundy, and not an ounce of make up on that white ghostly looking face. I swear they want really bad for the female actress to look unattractive bc that make up ‘‘do’’ hurts my eyes. Why k drama tend to make the male actor look better than the women? In make up, dressing, career, etc…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:


Maybe they’re afraid otherwise the female viewers will get jealous. :wink:


I’ve noticed that for a lot of female leads, they choose to give them that fresh nude-makeup look, instead of full-on makeup…a lot of actresses pull it off really well too

but other than that a lot of people watch kdramas just to look at all those handsome men, so I guess they’d focus more on their looks than the girls’?