"Fall In Love" - FINISHED! we binge-watched it and it was terrific!


I’m gonna try to catch up today so I can join in tonight! :raised_hands:t2:


I’m currently catching up and BOY do I like it! The interesting plot makes up for all the acting faults(IMO). I love the setting, the costumes, the overflowing number of handsome Junior Marshals… :see_no_evil:

oh, he definitely is. He has lots and lots of charisma; steals the whole show and everybody’s attention every time he enters a scene(and he does that a LOT lol). SML is also really cool. I just LOOOOVE them in uniformssss :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: ML seems to be a grey character, so I’m not sure if I should be rooting for him rn (On the second ep). He’s just a teeny little bit too aggressive for me. I have NO idea who’s bad and who’s good :sweat_smile: but the NUMBER of hotties coming in one after the other… @kdrama2020ali, it’s going to be a party!

FL also seems to be a good, strong character


OOoooWHOoo the ML is a brilliant gray! Naughty, charismatic, outrageous, debonaire, everything you’d ever want in a ML. :sunglasses:


I just CANNOT stop watching, no matter how crazy the show gets. ML OOZES charisma and confidence, and I respect him for that. I just wish he knew what “private space” means, but oh well :joy:


Oh yea. MUST get the financial aide pushed through in time! Been there done that, for years and years. Well I didn’t work in financial aide but students depend on it. And their financial aide status qualified them for Work Study funds which our department depended on. On behalf of all Universities, I THANK YOU for your so very necessary work!


We will start Episode 4 tonight so STOP at the end of episode THREE! lol This show is so good, isn’t it! :sunglasses:


OMO thanks for reminding me! I was already ten minutes in! :sweat_smile: I’m going to dream about this guy seriously he’s BEWITCHED me


lol I actually got up to EP 6 before I thought that we should run this as a watch party. So I understand. This show makes you want to just binge the whole thing in one sitting.

Oh he does understand ‘private’ space. He’s just very naughty. :rofl:


Porky, it has been a real struggle since we converted to our new system though as some of the audits aren’t running correctly. I have an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper covered with student names and ids listing the various problems I’m encountering with their audit and it is almost full on both sides. I’m just going to have to take some time and write a very long email to our Registrar listing all these issues. The good news is that as long as I enter their transfer work and validate that I’ve proofed their work, FA will continue to award them aid. Thank goodness for work-arounds.


Work-arounds are the lifeblood of cranky computer systems! I used to work in the Computer Center at ISU and we had to take in all kinds of fix-it calls, figure out what they were saying, and triage them. It was so much FUN when a system went down during crunch times! Oh yea! (not) lol


You poor thing!! UGH, that stinks.


Even this description seems like an understatement. :joy: They are everywhere!

I really wasn’t sure about the ML at first, mostly because I was already familiar with the 2ML and was concerned I’d get serious SLS, but those darn dramatic entrances of the ML and his overflowing charisma are pretty irresistible. The sets and costumes are so gorgeous. So far the plot has me intrigued, but I sense it has the potential to lose me. I really hope not, but we will see.


Aw, I hope you stick with it. It really is a great story and setting AND a decent ending for a cdrama! BONUS! You get to participate in the peanut gallery! That always makes it much more fun! :sunglasses:


It’s just that I have a fairly low tolerance for plotting and betrayal, and I feel like that could be a major theme in this one. But the peanut gallery can definitely help get through those tough times. :wink:


I absolutely LOVE the way ML manages to provoke SML EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. :joy::joy: I thought I’d get SLS but ML completely won me over with his dramatic extra-ness and overflowing charisma. I really didn’t think he had it in him to make me laugh, but I’ve been laughing so much because of the little shows he puts on.


I haven’t even gotten through the intro of the first episode and I’m already in love. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So … legitimate question from someone who (up to this point) has only watched one other Chinese drama:

Why is the sound editing so bad? Like, the voiceovers are always off. I’ve never noticed this with any other country’s dramas (although it could very well be an issue).


I have watched quite a bit of Cdramas, and I would say the sound editing, particularly the voice dubbing, can run the gamut of quality. Some don’t even have dubbing, some have really good dubbing, and others are terrible, and a lot of times the types of voices they use can be downright cringey. It’s really hit or miss, and I don’t know why. I’m sure budgeting issues are a major culprit. For this drama in particular, I find the audio to be really quiet. I’m not sure if it’s just on my end, though.


Im not gonna make it guys! U guys enjoy! I will definitely watch this!


Right in people’s space😆

I’m gonna love this guy! When I get the chance to watch!