"Fall In Love" - FINISHED! we binge-watched it and it was terrific!


If part of your question is, why are they dubbed, there are a few reasons. The two biggest reasons (from my little knowledge of the subject) are, public spaces are very loud so it’s hard to get good quality sound, There is more than one Chinese language with Mandarin having the most speakers, but even Mandarin has dozens of different dialects (over 90 according to google,) so Mainland Chinese productions use voice actors to standardize the language spoken in a drama or movie.


This makes PERFECT sense. Thanks!!


SO. MANY. UNIFORMED. HOTTIES. :fire::fire::fire:


I shall join again tonight! :wink:

Glad it’s not super late.

This drama is my first watch party and it’s really fun chatting with everyone.


Y’all, I don’t know that I’ll be caught up in time tonight … I had more work to do today than usual (darn day job :joy:) and I have a full evening before the WP starts. Tomorrow might be a better bet. But what I’ve seen so far, I love!!


I apparently have missed a lot on this topic but am intrigued.

A weekend of windstorms and power outages in my area. I was not affected, a neighbor came over last and ate dinner because of a freezer full of spoiled food.

I also got a new computer desk finally to replace one that literally collapsed in August and sent monitor, CPU, and printer crashing into the wall (no damage amazingly). Putting that together took a while because some holes for screws were just enough out of alignment to make screwing the desk together a really time-consuming and annoying experience.

But I am set now for some fun. I don’t think I’ll be late.


Hello, drama fans! Fall In Love starts in 7 minutes!

Link -


VIVI!! Wake up! The show is starting any minute!

@ everyone! Join us!~




As promised to entice @kdrama2020ali :shushing_face: (mwahahaha)

Fall in Love (the lean)

Fall in Love (that look- slowed down)

Fall in Love (hottie walk)


This GIF is now on a loop in my mind. :star_struck:

What episode do I need to try to catch up to today? :smile:


We are starting EP 9 tonight! This show is so good it is difficult to stop binging! :sunglasses:

Here’s the link! -


And anyone else who wants to attend! WELCOME! Join us!




I just finished this drama, it was awesome, y’all enjoy this drama!!

those two guys do look so handsome that one remindes me of Allen Wren(right spelling?)


Allen Ren! Yes! Evan Lin(the SML) looks a lot like Allen Ren to me

I couldn’t control myself. Before I even realized it, I had already reached Episode 21 :joy::joy: I’ll still join the WP, though… I’ll never get tired of watching Tan Xuan Lin’s extremely handsome, unpredictable, smartass, childish, charming, outrageous self :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sweat_smile:


DANG, Vivi! :joy: I’m desperately trying to catch up but work this week is hindering me. We have an external audit of our program tomorrow and so I have no idea how I’m going to catch up at all. :tired_face:


awww hope your days get less hectic soon! I’ve just finished my exams so I’m letting myself binge one drama and then I’ll go back to toiling over my books :sweat_smile:


No way I can catch up guys!!! I don’t have 9 hours to catch up!! But I WILL watch this ASAP!



Amazing gifs! :heart_eyes:
Xuanlin is so playful and protective at the same time.


These costumes and the ERA - it is so AMAZING! One of my FAVS!