"Fall In Love" - FINISHED! we binge-watched it and it was terrific!


Not gonna lie – at this point in the drama (Ep4) I have some SERIOUS SLS. Evan Lin (Xu Guangyao) is HOT HOT HOT!


mwahahahahaha I can assure you that Tan Xuan Lin will worm his way into your heart and oust poor innocent Xu Guangyao out of there before the drama crosses the half point


The halfway point? Shoot, it only took until the second episode for me. :joy: I went into the drama already having fallen for Evan Lin in another drama, so I was seriously worried about having SLS, but it was gone in a heartbeat. This just confirms that I am preprogrammed to never root for the second lead. :smile: (not that I’m wishing bad things for him, which I am guilty of a lot of the time, hehe)


I feel the same. I had SLS only once in my entire 83-drama-watching history and I BLAME IT ON THE WRITERS OF SCHOOL 2015, WHO I WILL NEVER EVER FORGIVE :rage:

I gave @irishtigger some extra time because it seems like she has a strong case of SLS lol :joy:


Can’t really blame her for it.

I have avoided School 2015 for that very reason. When I read the reviews, it made me think of my one case of traumatizing SLS from Cheese in the Trap, so I said ‘no way’ to School 2015.


Thanks, Vivi. I may need it. :rofl:

I got burned so badly by Love Alarm … it was a weird case of male-lead-turned-second-male-lead syndrome and it absolutely INFURIATED me. @kdrama2020ali can attest to it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Did you MENTION Song Kang and LOVE ALARM!!! My sweetie Song Kang

Look what happens


They did him dirty. They had literal twins in the drama but didn’t pair Sungjae with anyone. :sob:



I am sad that you guys are having fun without me!!!


You can always jump in where we are and just catch up later. Plot-wise, you haven’t missed a ton.


Unfortunately, I think she needs to understand the plot… it gets more and more twisted as more characters are added and plots get bigger and bigger. Everyone plays endless mind games with each other. There is no black-and-white two parties fighting against the other. Everyone is just looking for his own profits and there are soooo many bad guys with separate agendas to keep track of. Once the main couple gets together, the focus shifts to the power play and political wars. So far, I have hardly skipped a few minutes here and there. The dialogues and characters are very interesting.

I feel like turning the TCs OFF, though… they keep judging the characters just from the surface and it annoys me to no end. They look at everything through a 2021 modern cdrama lens and judge based on words and actions, with the memory of a goldfish :roll_eyes: The writers are doing a very good job of portraying the different ways in which the three young warlord sons react in response to their evil fathers. The entire setting is so different. ML’s sister comes off as a clingy, annoying idiot, but people forget about the setting and backgrounds. I’m fascinated to no end with this drama. I love analyzing characters, and Fall in Love is a gold mine of complex characters.


Am I the only person who NEVER has the TCs on?


Ahhh I have a love-hate relationship with them. In comedies or serious mysteries, the TCs are amazing. I love it when they make an already funny drama ten times funnier. There’s lots of teasing and silly banter that makes the entire experience better. With mysteries, I like reading everyone’s theories and the way everyone bets on characters… it’s like an interactive experience that makes me think a lot. As I said before, I love analyzing characters. Reading other viewers’ theories and analyses is fun and helps me form my own opinions, too.

Of course, don’t even THINK of turning them on in idol dramas or extremely popular shows :roll_eyes:


I don’t usually have them on for my first run-through of a drama, unless something happens in the drama that I really want to read other people’s reactions to or theories about. As @vivi_1485, they add a whole new layer to things and can be quite entertaining. I couldn’t help but laugh at her advice to skip them in idol dramas or popular dramas because you’d never stand a chance of keeping up with them anyway. LOL


I have to watch all the looks and moves and get to know characters! I won’t jump in - you guys have FUN


Can’t wait for you to join us in our Hotties of Fall in Love fanclub :joy::heart_eyes:




Well - if he is like you say he is - I’m ALL IN


y’all haven’t you heard, men look good in uniforms? no matter wnat they(the uniform) are in!! yes these guys are very good looking…


Amen!!! LOL