Fall in love with me!

AWWW they are so cute. have no idea what they are saying, but cute ^ ^


one part i did understand was when he looks like he said she peed on herself x.D Aaron is so cute hahaha


AHHH the kiss BTS!!! aaron’s kiss

xDDDD <333


omg he forgot his lines!! (or am i wrong?) they should just get married already xD it would be cute if they actually like eachother in real life.


episode 9 is out! not here, but somewhere else x)

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Girl you should also try out love myself or you if you have time ! :slight_smile:

I think I like Love Myself or You more. Slightly stronger drama… although I can’t quite put my finger on why.

Have you watched Prince William? (Is it good?)


OMG Episode 9 is soooo boooorrinngg >.< Everytime the same, really -- Huan Huan went to Teo Le Si and asked her AGAIN, if she could NOT love Lu Tain Xing … Really >.> Then Tao Le Si went to Xiao Lu’s and cried their, and Lu Tian Xing cried too … And I was like: Seriously?! >.> IT IS SO BORING! --

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Exactly. I love it and honestly I am more exited about the new episodes here. Sometimes I watch " Fall in love with me " like 5 days later or more…

The strong female lead makes the drama interesting and I live main lead soo cute. I kinda begin to think that fall in love with me will be a overrated drama but that’s just me sorry

No I didn’t yet I am confused about if I should watch it.

Yeah try out " love myself or you " especially if you like food :smiley:
The main lead is such a cutie

Oh I like food ‘-’ xDDDD Ah I’ll watch it now xDD

Have fun and tell me if you like it !! :slight_smile:

Agreed. I enjoy Fall in Love with me but I can only watch it with the timed comments. (which means it can’t stand alone)
I already watched “Love Myself or You”… and I’m so mad at myself, because now I have to wait a WHOLE week. :frowning:

Confused about Prince William? Maybe for the same reason I am… girl who falls in love with a guy that looks just like her brother. ack! gives me the Heebee Jeebees! (but I hear some saying it’s good… so maybe)

Yepppp that’s exactly my problem :smiley: like okay what exactly is the love line here writers ?

OMG my friend speak taiwanaise and can’t stop spoil me i want kill her XD

LOL i HATE when that happens!!!

we look like this:

friend tells you the whole thing:


me too raaah i hate her

finally, we can hear the whole song~! ps. i dont know why they keep renaming this song lol

the excessive me- aaron yan


YESS!! two more songs from the Ost that ive been looking for!! @CNBlandine maybe the one you were looking for??

Aaron Yan- The only rose


Aaron Yan-Unlimited



aah, thank you for the insert song in it! And I am starting like to love The Unwanted. And thanks for tell that it has Popu Lady’s songs. I really didn’t recognize their voices.

Now, I am watching for episode 11. It will tell Tao Ze the truth about Xiao Lu’s identity? How fast it is!


I can’t wait to watch the 12th Episode already.
Did you guys see the preview??
Apparently, LTX and LEO are up against each other~ Love Rivals haha

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no prob! i tottally love every bit of this ost and searched for it like crazy. i will start episode 11 right now xD