Family research anyone?


lets see how much we know about our families

ok I took it. OMG! I need to do some serious studying!! this is a good one, so I know where I am at with doing Genealogy, wow this is a good one at least I think it is.


this one is awesome, some I didn’t know

I don’t recall if I put this one on here

I just seen a Native American site, per porkypine


well, Genealogists needs a laugh too!

boy do I ever need this!

y’all have a great day!


heres another one that caUGHT MY INTEREST.

hope someone likes this other than me that is





I want to know family stories. I don’t really give a hoot about birth/death/marriage dates. Who cares? That is just pointless data. Those are generally useful only to ascertain that you have the correct person and even then it may not hold true if the name is a common one. The stories of who they were and what they did are what is interesting to me. I am interested in the humanity of the person, not the ‘statistical data’.


its genmealogy, yeah I ,would love to hear some old stories, but mine is few and far between, nothing , or at least I haven’t found any, sure humanity what they did and all, I’d love to find out more about the Whalers in Nantucket, the Quakers, the whys and wherefores, but being that I havent found the stories, I will settle for what I am doing, research and research, I would be excited if I did find one of these stories!!

and YOUR stories, love them , keep it up!!!



how about this one? didn’t think of those organizations

tSp1onsorde1medah ·

names of our illusive ancestors! I accidentally stumbled across this one. yeah it helped me a lot too, and theres probably more out there, and others around the world. how about yours??

Was your ancestor a member of a lodge, club, or even a secret society? Sometimes we don’t know that about them until we see their obit. Here is another free downloadable Quicksheet

“25 Lodges, Clubs, or Secret Societies Your Ancestor May Have Been a Member Of”

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I guess no one is really interested in this.



A few are interested. :smiley: Just hang in there kiddo. ;D

Oh! My cousin got his results and yep, It’s all from the Azores. Which kind of figures, the Azores being the mid-Atlantic pit stop for sailing traffic returning to Portugal for the last few hundred years.


sure needed that boost today, a b ig thank you!


Any time. I’ve just been busy and not hanging around the discussion boards the last few days. :smiley:


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Today the world mourns the passing of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were third cousins. Their common great-great grandparents were Queen Victoria and Prince Consort Albert. Queen Elizabeth descends through the male lines, while Prince Philip’s lines are all maternal.

Queen Elizabeth II --> King George VI --> King George V --> King Edward VII --> Queen Victoria

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and we were discussing abouit, incest and all, so nolt being a vampire, what else??


Told you royalty has bad blood. They’ve crossbred all their bad genes and purposely married them off to another cousin all for the sake of a throne. Some of those royals suffered their whole lives because of incest. NEVER marry relatives.