Family research anyone?


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heres a link for the "genealogists, really good info here


this is what I am striving for!

I really hope someone will use this.


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ok one more try; but this is from, thought this will be interesting

copied from their website

Family history is more than Genealogy, Rules, names, dates, and places. It is more than a focus on the past. Family history includes the present as we create our own history

. It includes the future as we shape future history through our Descendents; example; a young mother sharing her family stories and pictures with her children,is doing family history…Each one of usis living family history day by day. Today s family living tomorrow’s family history.


I seek dead people, I think I will change it to this




















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ok I just had to share this one. andf if I recall there was a song about this years ago, enjoy!





Yea… That. geneaology is a. mess. Lol


If anyone is interested, I found something I thought you all might be interested in. you have to be a member of to do this.
the link is called Relative finder, it takes you back to I found some neat people

like entertainers, presidents, famous people. I really don’t know how it will work in your part of the country I really hope it works as it did here.

could someone just check & see about this in your part of the world? I’d like to know!

a big p/s is a freebe

one of my lines, Elvis Presley is cousin, ever hear of Jesse James or Billy the Kid, on and to clear something up I am not kin to royalty. and they didn’t have anything about Atlantis, shucks!!!

this was really something neat, and the first and foremost, RESEARCH before I put it on my tree! I have made enough mistakes! so if this doesn’t work let me also know

p/s is a freebe