Family research anyone?


ok heres another one…




today I eas researching one of my lines, went back to my 7th ggreatgrand pa, that not the part I want to discuss. I or we discussed about inner breeding and all some time ago, well I found a bunch in this line. my Way family inner bred with the Macys. this just surprised me is all. and too these were my Quaker anc cestors. so see you just don’t know what you will find in those “closets”. hehehehehe


I just came here and this image make my day :joy::joy::joy:


Sounds interesting, I’ll check it!





:joy: will you take a look at this! :laughing::rofl:


First cats adapt and then they take over the world :joy:

You are so great and always find the right sayings and pictures Danke schön :slight_smile:




Hello. Where have you been? I haven’t seen any posts from you in a long time. Is everything ok?


Hi, we were talking about her on Highlight of Your Day, she commented at fb, so she should be alright, can’t tell you more, we all hope she is fine and eventually might come back one day.


That’s good to know. I missed that you found her on fb. Thank you.


Those who are living in the east, this is a dna test you might want to try, it’s called You Who see Skycedi’s, and Becky’s results, they live in :kr: S. Korea, in video below!


Hehehe! I seem to have gotten that assignment lock, stock, and barrel, down to the Teee! :joy:


ok I am just catching up here, I am fine, broken shoulder healing nicely need to use the arm more.

now back to subject. going to ask y’all someting. I havent gotten to Ancestry or the others to ask this.

heard this where I was recouperating.

guy gets married, #1 baby, finds another girl #2 baby another #3 baby, another#4 baby
the question, how do we put this on our family trees???


1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., wife and his kids. Even if they are not legally married on paper, their relationship links should appear the same way. My family tree has a lot of those. You can link people even without paper marriage.


hmmmm, ok not leaglly married and so on, ok I’ll buy that one. really interesting though, and thanks


I am ready to get back on track!!!






oh boy here we go !!!

ok nuff of this today, at least going to try and do some today…


ok how many of you have a boxfull of pictures you don’t know a thing about them? I do


how about a picture of Switzerland