Family research anyone?


mine is; I search for dead people












I hope this helps someone


One thing people need to be careful of are the Ellis Island ones because so many people changed their names to get in. Lots of times names were changed because the Americans could not pronounce the names correctly. There are also so many variations in spelling. Have fun and triple check!


you are so right, I also have a family name that was tricky. I finally found the right name. and theres so many! not just Ellis, but that other one too


  1. genealogist at work
    2I seek dead people
    3have genealogy will travel
    4 genealogist researcher


For Germany: (German page) (French page, you can search worldwide)

Gedbas is free, geneanet has some fee-based features, but you can register and use it for free.


oh my goodness!!! should I do a happy dance?? wow, an open door finally, aw maybe a crack, but thats ok too, this has been a brick wall for me for a very long time!!

thank you somejuwels!! now to blame youi(heheheh) guess who is going to do some research in Germany and that other one? hehehe, yes I definately am excited!! so I am outta here, will talk to y all later!! oh and I will be baCK, gotta keep tabs on y’all!

and too, any info greatly appreciated, and will be glad to help & share…


Dear Viki members. I am sad to say that we have lost frustratedwriter to the depths of geneaological research. We may never see this person again in this lifetime. :sob:



ok ok heheheheheh, yes you will see me, um when wellll thats another question! hheeee!


If I could be of any help, please feel free to write me. Maybe you want to tell me (in private ^^) where you are searching for which family names? Who knows, if we are great-great-great-great cousins or something like that?


somejuwels, I am going to try this again, I so much appreciate your offer, way I understand it, Germany has a big boundary of areas where they have. So to research MY family I have to find what part of that country they came from. so yes all the help I can get.
again not sure exactly where they came from…

Warner, and different spelling (Werner, is one)
Grether, from Karlesrue (Baden?) Germany
Way, these people were whalers, so this may have come from elsewhere maybe Switzerland

I have no Idea where to start. so you see really blind here

would be great to meet 5th cousin twice removed or whatever!!



Yes, we have 16 “Bundesstaates” and Kalsruhe is in Baden-Württemberg and a really nice City.
And so it is really not so easy to find a clue where to search first.
So good luck dear :smiley:
hope you find something out about them


thank you! yes it will take time I am sure



and what bugs me more, our ancesters didn’t seem fit to ,write who what when where on those photos!!


love this! could have put it on laugh for the day, but think it fits right here, and the names!! you bet!!!



it had an address!!


If you want to start searching for German ancestors, you should know the full name, the date of birth or at least the year, the place of birth. If they were whalers, there were some kinds of communities in Germany, but you need the place of birth/death/marriage in order to find some clues.