Family research anyone?


that is exactly what I am talking about, I just know my “english folks” and not able to trace them from ,I guess, England so no full name, no bdates or deaths, thats from Getrmany, I do kn ow the ones from England


Do you have any stories about them, the origins, locations? Something where to start the diggin’? :grin:


mot at the moment. maybe I can do more research on this


I could help you with the research in Germany, but I need some input. ^^ just contact me.


sounds great, I will keep in touch


uh… :rofl: Canadian is like American - Ethnicity can be anything.


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I really wished you didn’t remove your message, it was awesome, glad I got it on my Gmail account. try this site, cyndis list, I seen some things there that may be of interest to you, was to me cause of Quaker, and I don’t have the membership for the world one for Ancestry, so I have to look elsewhere.

now if you still have what you wrote, keep it somewhere safe, It was really interesting to me, talking about a “frustrated writer?” ha! awesome story there. but do keep it.

I did just discover my “Quakers” may have migrated from Germany, but would you believe it was a greater migration than I thought and this is from people that have Ancestry links. so my new research will be going on. and you, don’t you give uup! the fella on the ship, hmmmm wonder how many did the getting off ship did their number and never seen again! hey maybe our ancestors didn’t want anyone to know!! again but please keep that message!!!


Sorry. I feel a bit hand-tied at the moment. I did not save it but I can recreate it easily. I know my family history - well, MOSTLY except for the mystery ancestor… It just takes time to write it out. I removed several posts on this site because a long time user (senority) here stopped a calm and informational discussion I was having with another person on a different post and directed me to the guidelines which pointed out that discussions of politics, race, ethnicity, covid, personal things, etc. were not allowed here and they said because there have been a lots of fights in the past and viki wants to keep it a friendly, welcoming environment, etc. So I removed stuff I thought might trigger problems. I don’t want to be kicked off this site.

I actually had a lot of - well, interesting to me anyway - things to say and questions to ask and talk about with you regarding genealogy - parts of my family history do involve politics, oppression, suppression, etc,. but Viki isn’t the place to talk about that, but like I said, I don’t want to be banned. Then later they said they didn’t intend for me to remove all my comments everywhere, she jsut wanted to stop the discussion on her thread. But what else would I think when the rules were presented to me in that way.

I guess a part of the problem for me is that I worked in a University for years where people talk about, discuss, take issues apart and exam them and put them back together or toss them out without headbashing each other. I forget that many things can trigger people who don’t know how to have discussions and that trolls love to start fights. So I am just going to be boring and non talkative for awhile. I don’t know what else to do.

I have been researching my ancestors and have some interesting yet unproven info. But I am probably already talking too much. I’ll yak at you later when i figure out how to write it or if I should even write it.


I did a lot of research yesterday, and went to places(links) I have never been. really refreshing . learned a lot,even from ancestry& will do more today, gonna break down that wall. oh yeah did find out about the Quakers, it may have started in Germany, but migrated to England and other parts. all I can say Faciunating. No wonder I like Foxylady name( guys name was George Fox). anyway facinating reading…

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ok so I am trying to be funny today!!!

this next one, I did mention to someone on here, If you have grandparents, get those stories!!!


these family group sheets are great! and a hint here, can use a spread sheet as well


Group ‘sheet?’ :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :smile: :rofl: :joy: :scream: :sunglasses: :roll_eyes: :grin: :heart_eyes: :joy: :rofl:

Hey genealogy buddy…

My grandmother had scrolls that rolled out and everyone was on it. all their siblings and descendants. Some of the print got pretty fine on some branches. :smile: I put all that on Ancestry so younger generations could find it. 1500+ people. 8 generations and rising.

Oh! Interesting news! I spoke with my mom’s cousin, Paul - her father’s youngest-sister’s kid. I would consider him an uncle cuz he’s my mom’s generation but US style is some ‘removed cousin’ nonsense that never made any sense to me. Anywho … He agreed to do a DNA test to help me narrow down which side some genes came from.

His results will tell me which genes come from Grandpa’s or Gramma’s side.

I have my ancestors back to great-grandparents and on my mothers paternal side and mothers maternal side there is missing info on one g-grandparent each.
I know the ancestors from Morocco, Bengal, Nigeria and Kenya are from the Azores side because my mom also told us so. And they were several generations ago. More recent is Taino and Mexico, also via Azores side - about 4 generations too.

Still wondering which side my ancestors from Japan, China and Peru come in. If it was several generations ago, It would just be of academic interest to me but they are so recent! Only 4 generations ago. That’s living memory in my family - 1800 to 1850. I have so many stories of my family from those years. A dice roll would say via Azores because the Portuguese were all over the world. But there is that GLARING coincidence of my G-Grandfather getting on the ship at Lima. Was he really from Lima or from Maine like it was passed down? I will find out in about a month or so.

Good thing my uncle/cousin is still here. he is the only one I can test of my mom’s cousins. When I stop to think about it, we re all getting to be OLD! Like WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN! We’re starting to kick the bucket too. Testing my mom’s brother and sister is pretty much useless because they have the same parents. And both of my uncle/cousins parents were from Azores. But he is the only one left from my mom’s generation on that side. I have a whole boatload of 3rd and 4th cousins - hell half the Mellos/Machados/Silvas/Fertunas/Amarals/Bettencourts/Albertas/Silvieras/Brasils in the Bay Area phone book are probably relatives, but none so closely related as Paul. He doesn’t have the genetic roulette my side has. :joy: (i.e as my dad told us, ‘we’re a bunch of mutts’. :rofl:)


I am running out of space!

genealogy buddy…

Look at this ancestry map - I have ancestors from every continent except Australia and Antarctica. I don’t seem to have inherited genes from Morocco but my brother did.
What is interesting is that my Irish g-g-gramma - I don’t seem to have inherited genes from Ireland. Where did they go? Who was she really?


Oh! Another interesting thing! My (second) hubby, is Lemhi band Shoshone (Sakajawea’s tribe) and Boise Band Bannock. He did one of those early DNA tests through ancestry to find out which country his trapper ancestor came from. -Scotland/Ireland/Wales- Look at my map and find Peru, then look at his map and find Peru. Like WTH?!? He’s a North American guy. Sho-Bans are part of the Uto-Aztecan language group so that is why you see that big yellow area. His ancestors are from the top of that yellow area. The green represents a different group and his Flathead ancestors are from Montana there. But that blue. Are Peruvian people related to North American people? Makes me wonder. Yea, I was as surprised to see Peruvian on his chart as I was to find Japanese on mine.


So the weird question is… I never, EVER expected my hubby and I to have ancestors from the same places. SURPRISE! What is this Peruvian angle? :laughing: And that little Mayan dot over on the Yucatan peninsula?


oh my goodness! now thats what I like! more stuff like this, thats what I want!! thanks for sharing. oh and yes those sheets do get way out there!!


I have to wait for my tax refund so I can buy a test for my sister and another one for my brother from a different company.

Ancestry has nailed my most recent ancestors to the exact Azores island but they don’t test for older generations. They kind of chop it off at 3 generations. What CRIgenetics returned was all the recent places and also generation 4 and 5 and up to 15. They are accurate on everything I know. It was the additional information that floored me because no one told me.

Possible reasons.

1: Language barriers. None of may ancestors spoke the same languages. Their ‘trade’ language was English.
2: The info didn’t get passed down. It was either irrelevant to them or they chose to hide their ancestry. I don’t know if I’ll even find out because records aren’t very good prior to the 1900’s and San Francisco had a HUGE earthquake and fire in 1906 which destroyed public records. So no records to go through there.
3: None of my ancestors are ‘royalty’ - just hard working people. So no fancy heraldry charts.
4: Since none of our other ancestry was left out, I really suspect it was WWII that forced the silence. Knowing how awful it was during the war on the west coast. All people of known Japanese ancestry, no matter how many generations they had lived in the States, had all their assets seized and were forced into concentration camps during the war. What does that say about those who escaped internment because they didn’t have Japanese names or didn’t ‘look’ Japanese? Which side does a person of mixed ancestry stand on when push comes to shove? These issues scar people for generations.


Interestingly, has enough relatives signed up in their dna database to even nail which island people are from.

Some people might wonder where the Azores are.

They 9 dinky volcanic islands out in the middle of the Atlantic where 3 tectonic plates collide.


Ooo! Lookie what my cousin just sent me! The wedding picture of my great-grandparents!

  1. This was when they were still in the Azores.