Family research anyone?




ok y all, I woke up at 1 am this morning, couldnt get back to sleep, so I did some work. I set up my compouters to do my genealogy, one for Family search, the other ancestry and my bigger one fot research and my family tree maker, its now 5; 30 and I am dragging, but think I did good!


I am waiting for my tax refund so I can renew my subscription to ancestry and get to work on that. It’s been two years and I hafta see what my cousin has been up to.

This is kind of weird, but in the US the way that family relations are written, he is some kind of removed cousin. But he is the same generation as my mother so he would be ‘uncle’ even though he in only 7 years older than me. He is the younger son. His mom is the little sister of my grandfather.

In those HUGE family gatherings they used to have, we never paid attention to each other, he was a ‘too cool’ teenager to hang with little kids. :joy: Now that we’re both grown, we talk to each other. :grin:


I also found something on youtube ,

heses one for saving memories, pictures and all


and I also am waithing for money coming in to renew my subscription. If I could wait for Mothers day, bet its cheaper. this is

heres one thing I found out on that genealogy 101, go to the census of his time period and you just might find something of him. I found something of my Gilbert family, my brick wall. so hope that helps

heres the list


connie is awesome!!

I just watched this, wow found some new tips & ideas!! learning more !!

heres the list

​ Intro 1:23​ Primary Tree - FS as a Tool 3:05​ FamilySearch Family Tree 6:12​ Genealogy Record Search 8:18​ FamilySearch Wiki 9:56​ Watches/Follow (alerts) and Watch Lists 11:56​ FamilySearch Catalog 12:43​ OCLC (World Cat) Online Computer Library Center 13:16​ Archive Grid

:leaves:BEGINNERS go to LEARN GENEALOGY Playlist at…

:leaves: BEGINNERS must see the US Census series!!!…


I have got to get to that US census series.

anyway hope this helps. and maybe you can find something about your cousin

and yes I’d like to know!

also another thing, go to, that has a bunch oid census records, blanks, I did, and if ylou are savvy with excel, you can copy onto the excel pages, instead of printiong out those sheets, I plan to do the excel sheets.


I have a question for my asian friends and beyond, did youir ancestors lets say before 1900 have any problems in how they lived, foods and all? I just found something on my ancestors. found some recipes that we all use todayt, really amnazint, your meat dripping gravy is or was way back then/ called Mormon Gravy, my meat drippings now.

this isn’t my ancestors but thought I would share this picture



lets go further, how about chinese, russian, and the rest family trees/search?


Ok., So I signed up there. Wow is that a Patriarchal centric site! The default layout is male succession. and Nope! My relatives are not already there. That’s expected though because it is a LDS site and my family is/was historically Catholic except for one nephew who converted.

I’d have to make new entries for everyone and I don’t think I want to there. Are the LDS still baptizing people by proxy? I know there was a HUGE mess about LDS baptizing Holocaust victims a few years ago. I think they will if one of your descendants convert, It’s a required part of their religion to convert all their ancestors. Here in Idaho, they have a huge LDS community. and the guys at work said, they do 'offer’ (being the key word) baptism to ancestors but it’s up to the ancestors to accept. Which means they go through the process of LDS baptism anyway leaving it up to the ancestors on the other side to refuse if they don’t accept. So, yea, they’ll baptize your ancestors by proxy.

I know my nephew wants me to hand over a list and I am suspicious of his request. I told him to go review what I posted on Ancestry - lol. But extracting 1000+ people on his own efforts is probably too much work for him I guess. :smile: (I know he hasn’t done the work because our family is not on their site yet.) :smile:

Oh! and the weird food name you hear about here from the descendants of Mormon pioneers is a dish called ‘funeral potatoes’. It’s some kind of potatoes in milky melted cheese with crumbled corn flakes on top, casserole type of thing. Yes. does not sound appetizing to me at all. :smile:

Nope. Not that name but I really HATE gravy! I can make a good Béchamel sauce but I never do because I don’t eat milk stuff.

My mom made this stuff called Pockey? (Don’t know how it’s spelled. I asked her where she got that name and she said that’s what her mom made and called it. but it’s not an Irish word. so who knows where that word came from. ) It’s basically broke food. Flour and water. mix it up, flatten it out. sprinkle some cinnamon sugar or nothing if you are really broke. :smile: bake it. You can make it pretty by making nice slices , or be barbarians :rofl: and just break off chunks. I found out recently that they make a very similar bread in the Azores but it’s a bit thicker. And yea, it’s ‘broke’ food there too. :grin:


I kinda almost joined the LDS many years ago, and when they said that about baptism for the ancestors I backed out. way I understand this is we , individually, are supposed to do the baptism, birth-death & resurrection, we are to follow Christ in this, the point is they missed it…

yes new entries for people, AND there are people that follow these names, well mostly. but still they have a bunch of records you just shouldn’t pass by, I have found a bunch of ancestors, and of course, I also found some wrong ones that I didn’t research, so I had to do one of my lines over. you don’t have to join LDS for this

and the weird names? this is another one.
I really hope you will do this, and fine your ancestors, oh btw, sometimes you can find more on here than you can on

have a great day!






this last one is for free genealogy printables


I am so pickled tink, I accidentally came across something on youtube yesterday! about Quakers, about how to find the records, and believe me I have done a bunch of research of those Quaker folk! and another thing if no one knows they aren’t amish. the ladys name is Connie,

don’t you love just stumbling across something??


Glad you found a resource. ?? Whoever said/thought Quakers were Amish?

That ‘stumbling’ is often a ‘push’. :sunglasses:


LOVE your coat of arms! :rofl:

Oh! You know what! That reminds me! My paternal grandfather’s family actually had one - a crest - being royal gardeners for Franz Joseph’s estate in Hungary back in the late 1800’s / early 1900’s. They were not royalty. More like a trade crest?

Gules a rose, argent, seeded or, barbed vert.
A simple, old-fashioned, 5 open-petal-style red rose, silver outline, gold seeds, green leaves.

I look at my sad gardens and wish I had my grandfather’s gardening skills. He was pure magic with plants! I used to shadow him around when I was a little kid when he was out in the garden. He’d look at a rhododendron and tell me, “This needs to be filled in here.” Then he’d get a bud and splice it into the the thin area and that would grow! His garden was glorious in spring!

Grandpa was a well rounded person, hard working iron worker and master carpenter by trade. Played the violin very well and had a beautiful garden. I remember watching him and my dad building something… In the days before nail guns… It would take just two hits to home a nail. First hit to set, the second hit to home it. Me? :roll_eyes: I can’t hit a nail straight if my life depended on it! All I do is maul nails into crooked messes. :rofl: But I can hit them upside down and backwards! Go figure! :smile: :rofl:

And my maternal grandmother, who was a surgical RN by trade, had a TON of bonsai! in every nook and cranny of her garden. She’d get my mom to drive her over to San Francisco to Soko hardware to get her bonsai supplies. Sushi time! Futomaki! YUM! Gosh! Seems like yesterday but that was back in the 60’s!

Yea. I have ONE bonsai. It doesn’t really living in a window in Idaho. :smile: I have to take it out of the window in summer so it doesn’t bake. Poor bonsai. On the other hand I have FANTASTIC luck with orchids!


Maybe your grandfather was from the “old folks” so he had this magic or kept some fairies in his garden. :thinking::grinning: I heard, offering some milk and honey and a few copper coins (without any iron) works wonders. :tulip::blossom::hibiscus:


His mom knew the old herbal medicines. So did my grandfather but that didn’t get passed down though because my grandmother believed in ‘doctors’ and would only let my grandpa fix the kids when the doctors failed.

My dad has the second sight and so did my maternal grandmother and I can see auras when I want to pay attention and I just know stuff that I have no reason to know but since I don’t have formal training I am hesitant to work with plants.

Oh! FUNNY story! Me, dad and mom were having a discussion on something or other. I was sitting next to my dad listening to mom go on about something and she paused… It was so WEIRD! but this bluish, ghostly image of a brain superimposed itself over her head and popped. My dad and I looked at each other simultaneously and said to each other, “Did you see that?” laughing. A second later, my mom pointed at her head and said, “Oh! my brain!” because she forgot what she had wanted to say. :rofl:

Yea, us kids, we could NEVER, EVER get away with any stories with my dad. He just knew. He could see.

And my son can see auras. He is named after his dad’s grandfather who had an anting-anting. It was supposed to go to his paternal grandfather but because of Christianity, he refused it. If he had grown up in the provinces instead of the states, my son, being the oldest son in the family in his generation, would have inherited the anting-anting. It’s really a shame because my son can see ‘spots’ and ‘fix’ them.

And all you guys out there saying BALONEY! - It is not superstition. It’s really seeing something that most can not. It is like color-blindness. Most of us can see colors fine but many can not. Their eyes just can’t see colors. Same thing with auras, most people are aura-blind but some can see them. Auras are really energy fields that surround everything. They are subtle most of the time, not overt.


hey,withc kiddo I am one of the weirdies that do believe in that stuff. if we had those herbs ( witch??) maybe we wouldn’t be in the confines of our homes! yeah I also am a Christian but I do believe in those things, herbs that is, second sight and so on
heres one for the “books” enjoy


From my researches I know, that I have at least two witches in my ancestry. Both accused, one killed, the other one survived the “Wasserprobe”. They shackled those women and threw them into cold water (usually rivers). Those who came up to the surface were witches, those who sunk and drowned were innocent. My XX-greatgrandmother sunk, was saved and survived.

And concerning any superstitions I stay with Shakespeare: “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” so to say, you can’t prove such existences and experiences and skills, but you can’t prove, that they do not exist, too.


could you believe this one? my 5th ggrand father a judge at the trials here in Masschucets, a witch in particular was my gggreart grand mother. Judge Way, witch Gilbert. interesting huh?