Family research anyone?


Well. I know what you mean but I do not like to be lumped in with ‘witches’ or even use that word. That is a whole different cultural thing and has a very negative history. My family does not have that type of history or culture.

Knowledge of herbs is a world wide, centuries old, scientific understanding of how the usage of plants affect the human body and has nothing to do with religion unless you make it a part of a ceremony. People who call it ‘magic’ or ‘weird’ just lack the education to understand it.

As far as the ‘sight’ goes. I don’t ‘believe’ anything. I just see what I see. Unfortunately, over the centuries, people have put a lot of ‘hoodoo’ on stuff that really should not be there. and… I will stop here. This is diverging from family research. :slightly_smiling_face:

That is so sad, that they were outright murdered that way because of fear, ignorance and someone who wanted them gone.

It’s really sad that they let that hysteria ruin people’s lives.

And it’s karma that the two lines had to marry to rid the family of that negativity. :sunglasses:


people I did not mean to offend, ok? witches the word has been around for centuries, and as far as I know I just linked withj herbs and all. and yes witches has been around forever too, um, check the bible, says a witch is to be stoned. anyway I just thought it would be interesting. sorry you were offended. and the other things mentioned also mentioned in bible, not the names so to speak, but they were also a form of witches too. demons if you will, soothsayers same thing. no worse than our incest stories a few messages ago. so let us keep this clean and yes I will watch what I put on here from now on.


Sorry to put you off. I’m not offended. Please don’t shut down. I just don’t want to be linked to the negativity of what the media has decided witches are or burned at a stake. I know you are a church person and that has meaning for you… And I am not much of a Christian at all. I don’t know what’s in the bible. When I was a kid and dragged to church it was all in Latin and I escaped when I was old enough to revolt. So I am a heretic and therefore condemned by those guys. :smirk: And I do know a few modern day ‘witches’. They are very nice and interesting people but they have a religious practice about their way that I do not follow.

I guess for my grandfather’s family, knowledge of plants was the family trade. They were horticulturists and just knew all the plant cures for ailments. There was no magic or religion involved in their knowledge. It was all practical knowledge. But it was old knowledge.

Interesting story. When my dad was a kid back in Illinois, he injured his head on something and it got infected. Gramma had him go to doctor after doctor and they could not clear it. She would not let my grandpa fix him because she believed in western medicine. My grandpa did not argue with her, he just took my dad to the next doctor. They even took him to the ‘Mayo brothers’ :smile: (That’s a term you don’t hear any more.) Those are the two who started the famous Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. They didn’t fix him either. Finally my gramma gave up after spending a lot of money for western doctors and told my grandpa ,“Ok, see if you can fix him. No one else can. You can’t do any worse.” So my grandpa got out his knife, sterilized it, lanced the infected area, then put some plant concoction on it and it CURED in a few days.

The sad thing is because of the lack of respect for that knowledge, it did not get passed down.


thank you for clearing that up for me, yes I was just going to forget about this, I hate hurting others! anyway, yes I do know a couple of peoople that pratice wicca, I would love to learn to be a herbalist,
so latin was that Catholic?? no you aren’t a heritic, you are a “show me” then I will believe.

I’d rather find plants to heal than these medicines the doctors want to “sell us” right now I have at least 5 me4ds I take, they do’t go to the root, they just sugar coat stuff.

yeah I do profess to be a christian, a follower of Jesus, BUT I am not a bible thumper. sure I have quioted scripture here and all, its like this, we can still get along with what we believe, I look out of the box, I look at things differently than most.

and I don’t want to go into stuff here, not the place. I am so glad you weren’t offended, that makes me at least feel better about this.
so I do love reading about Budda, and those other fellas! their sayings are fanmtastic, anw who is to say Jesus didn’t talk to them? I know that was about 1000 years before him, but who is to say he didnt.

aaaaawwwwwww sorry getting off the soap box, lets head for our crazy families witches and all, what say ye?
that was an interesting story your grand pa.

a drama on NF “live up to your name” a accupuncturist, past and future dr. bumped heads, she didn’t believe in that. what a battle. so we all have our beliefs, I like to learn . I am open minded, like you, just don’t stuff it down my throat. so you thank you for your kind message, it really did make me feel better about this


Correct Roman Catholic. But my dad informed me that I was not a heathen because I had been baptized around 2 months old, even if I had no say in the matter, so I was therefore a heretic since I refused to follow Catholic doctrine. My dad could have been a freaking legal eagle Jesuit. You could not put anything past that guy. :smile:

I do not follow church doctrine and have many issues with the patriarchy setup, the ‘control’ features of the church. I also do not forgive them for their refusal to remove those pedophiles. They just have those abusers do the ‘act of contrition - I’ll never do it again’ penance nonsense and ship them off to a new diocese to 'harm the next batch of children. Nope, They are not cleaning house, but then again, that church is 2,000 years old and has a notorious history of abuses.

oh! p.s. penicillin was not used in the US until 1942. My dad had that problem in the mid-30’s. So my grandpa (family) had an herbal cure for infections before penicillin was invented (1928) :slightly_smiling_face:


see? and I am allergic to penicillin! so why not herbs??


Aw… I’m so sorry. I don’t know what he made. All I know is that it was a topical so it would not work for systemic infections which is what penicillin is good for. That was WAAAAAaaaaayyyy before my time. :slightly_frowning_face:


I found this on one of those genealogy links

With Georgia on my mind, here are some unusual laws from the State. So. Now you know. No Donkeys.

Georgia, USA

california, USA

weird laws for sure

Wait what? Fellow genealogists at made a great discovery in 2014. Brad Pitt and Barack Obama are actually related. The president shares an 18th-century Virginia ancestor with the superstar actor-producer. Edwin Hickman, who died in 1769, connects the pair and makes them ninth cousins! [#mygenesearch


If Johnny Depp had hired me. I might have found out that is descended from English royalty. A fellow genealogist has found out that Depp is a 20th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Depp actually shared a great-grandfather with the queen that goes back 19 generations. [#mygenesearch](

A few laws in North Carolina, they may, or may not, still be legal. [#ploughnotplow](


I thought I’d share some funny things from some genealogy links. there is more but don’t want to bore anyone. hope you like



Docket Agenda for the City Council.

Item one: As a native citizen of the People’s Republic of Bezerkeley I hereby notify you that the canary in question was lost and adopted by person’s not owning a cat. The previous owner had left the cage open and said bird had flown the coop due to the unauthorized investigations of the household kitty upon the hapless canary. The cranky neighbors didn’t appreciate the whistle ‘alarm clock’ going off in the wee hours of the morning and proceeded to seek an injunction against said Whistler for the crime of awakening them too early.

Item two: Anyone can proceed to partake of uninterrupted public speech in People’s Park, located just south of the University of California’s Berkeley campus. The caveat is that the intended ‘victims’ of said speech are not required to listen to said speech and may ignore said speech maker. However, the ‘victim’ listeners may not express objections to said speech in the form of thrown tomatoes or other vegetation.

:rofl: That was fun to write! :laughing: :rofl: :sunglasses: I need to go do something other than write this nonsense! :rofl:


oh my goodness! my laugh for the day! loved it!!


I found another link, but not sure it will work in other parts of the world

do let me know so if it dosen’t I can remove it



anyone with this surname?



Love that one! :rofl:

Still waiting for my cousins report. Oh! That reminds me! My sons’ birthday is tomorrow! I better send him something. lol Oh! and also send a kit to my #2 sister.


I think I put one like this on here weeks ago, but this one is a bit different

an update and nothing about Germany this time!!


I am stumped, a brick wall, wonder if the guy changed his name? and we talked about censuses and all, still can’t find him, wow! well got my work cut out for me…


They misspelled names all the time and he may have changed his when he migrated.


I am doing this for a friend, and didn’t know this. and yes name changes, their middle name, spelling their names different does come inmto the mix here, I am determined to find, and y know couild be in another country too, per military!!