For Love of the "Bad Guy" Who do you love even though you should hate them?


@porkypine90_261 I Remember You (aka - Hello Monster) is the drama with D.O. and Park Bo Gum that I mentioned, D.O. makes an excellent villain.


Oh, yea! I remember that one! I started it and got distracted and never finished it! Thanks for the reminder!


It’s one of my all time favorites, so it’s one I always suggest if someone wants a thriller or mystery. I hope you enjoy it.


DO-fest 2022 - OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I thought Park Bo Gum was the villian!!!??


Shhhh, we don’t know that until 8 episodes in or something. D.O. is the first, the original villain in the drama. D.O. isn’t in much of the drama, but he’s great.


Let’s run a Watch Party for this show! What day and
times are good for you guys? (considering everything ELSE we are running. :rofl:)

@ everyone else interested


Right now the only WP I’m doing is the upcoming Ghost Doctor, so some time other than that, I actually just started it again and am just finishing ep 1, but I can stop if we’re doing a WP.


I will being doing the Ghost Doctor on Fri and Saturdays and still the movie on Sundays!

I am studying with my friend still during the week so not sure when I can do another one

Are you going to do one day or two days???

This is for I Remember you with DO and Bo Yummy and Siggie


I am running the King’s Woman on Mon/Tuesdays at 9 PM because that time works for the 6 us us watching that one.

Wednesday and Thursdays are open now. I quit Uncle because no one was talking so why have a watch party even if it was full - 20 people no talkers. meh -

Brain is running that heart show on Wednesday at an earlier time but it’s almost over.


I am in … with a trio like that, who can resist??


I might could do Wed evening! That might work! What time???


@kdrama2020ali @porkypine90_261 Wednesdays would work for me too. Any time after about 7pm Eastern.


The WP is at 9 PM ET


Surely… Choi Woo Shik as Gui Gong Ja in The Witch Part 1: The Subversion


I know this is a year old but I hope you decide to watch it eventually. It’s so good! I was hooked on this show when it was airing!

The cast is one of the best period dramas ever. I haven’t come across too many ppl that watched it but I highly recommend. This is the best Ha Ji Won drama hands down. The set, outfits, plot everything is high quality.

I cried buckets of tears but it’s worth it. At least the one I wanted her to end up with was with her till the very end… his end… not hers though. :sob:

All the villains were super hot too. It’s hard to hate any of them lol


Lee Dong Wook in the Tale of the None-Tailed… I mean :drooling_face: And in Goblin. I just adore him :heart:


I can’t finish it and I think it is Wookie’s most versatile part, I think he is BRILLIANT - I just can’t! I love him so much and I love the character so much! Someday maybe I’ll let my soul be crushed!


Yes! Def. Wookie’s most brilliant work. He had an amazing character development throughout the drama. I really disliked his character at first because he was so immature. As the drama unfolds, he gets better though. It was my first Wookie drama.


This guy plays the coldest of cold psychopaths in the Thai version of ‘Voice’, which is appropriate since his Thai nickname is ‘Ice’ (real name Natara Nopparatayapon). He’s truly evil but charismatic and, well, pretty.