For Your Eyes Only ๐Ÿ‘€ Who "LOOKS" at their Leading Ladies the BEST


Honestly, heโ€™s one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE cdrama characters EVER. :blush: Iโ€™ve watched quite a few cdramas and never fell so completely for a character. I got annoyed with him, wanted to pull his hair out one second and give him a bear hug the nextโ€ฆ Donโ€™t you worry, he has his happily ever after^^


I do love that ALOOF guy! Heโ€™s so ADORBS


I had the same feeling hehehe


That kiss you can feel it in your soul


This was one of my first dramas! I love Eric Mun and that kiss against the wall was EPIC - the fight before hand just made it so much more evenโ€ฆ


I love how INTENSE our FOXY is in Roommate is a Gumiho!
Jang Ki Yong - I love his big marble brown eyes!


Lee Dong Wook, for sure. His kisses are great, but his eyes are the GOAT. Iโ€™m not sure how his FLs can deal with it.


You are right - I love these two!!!


Heโ€™s so cute at that show!!!


โ€œSkate into loveโ€, theyโ€™re so cute!!




I just remember this: the way that he looks at her is so sweet, and he automatically smiles when she does!



Is that Flower of Evil???


Yes, despite he thinks heโ€™s antisocial, he looks really in love with her.


Aw their adorbs! I think the couple in My Roommate is a Gumiho - their so sweet they make my teeth hurt - and I feel sorry for the 2nd lead in the triangle - I like him but not as much as Foxy!


I know, right?! Every time he said he didnโ€™t love her, it hurt so much because his actions and words never matched up :sob: Especially that scene in the warehouse where sheโ€™s trying to arrest him but he still takes a hit for her before running away.
I love the way his eyes are always on her when theyโ€™re sharing an umbrella. Sheโ€™s looking at the rain and heโ€™s looking at her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And this scene reduced me to a bawling, weeping MESS :sob:

@kdrama2020ali this little princess counts as a leading lady too, right? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The way he romances her - and looks at her in Scent of a Woman! Binge Watch - Can You say stayed up until the sun came up binge watch!!!

Lee Dong Wook for the WIN!!!


Exactly, he was just scared because he always thinks he was like his father, but he loves her so much!!!
The question wasnโ€™t for me but of course, the little princess count as an FL too!!!


I know that I already add him in here, but it was another drama haha.



Such a great actor!


Who do you want starring at YOU!!! Hard One!

    • Seo Kang Joon
    • Wookie
    • Lee Dong Wook
    • Seo In Guk
    • Lee Joon Gi

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Aww, see, now you made it harder by adding KangJoon. Your first attempt was a no-brainer for me.