For Your Eyes Only ๐Ÿ‘€ Who "LOOKS" at their Leading Ladies the BEST


It was suppose to have him in it CUZ HE MAKES ME CRAZY - but I messed up :kiss:

The Entourage Kiss I could watch 100 times


No, you canโ€™t do that to me!!!

I choose Lee Joon Gi because Flower of Evil, but thatโ€™s so hard!!!



hahaha, you know it! everyone knows it! The way he looks at the FL in Flower of evil is so sweet!!!


You see I have not voted yet! Itโ€™s between SKJ, SIGgie, and Wookie


I hesitated a lotโ€ฆ


Too Hard for me!

Wookie in Melting Me Softly though before that shower kiss! DIE DIE DIE


Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Wang Wook always looked at her somehow boyishly innocentโ€ฆ



WowHowsers! Ep 14
The way he looks at her - Oh my Goodness my Gumiho!!! :fire::fire::fire:


I didnโ€™t follow this topic, but I am watching Under The Power right now.

And Allen Ren really has his way to look at his leading lady, after he falls for her of course.


Thank you for making it easy for me, you can vote up to 5 times and thereโ€™s 5 choices. lol If you want to make it hard for me though youโ€™d have to put Wookie, CJH & PHS and only give me 1 vote. I think Iโ€™d rather die than have to make that choice in real life.


I didnโ€™t watch it yet, but I think that we need this new show in our list!!





I just started watching, because I love the way heโ€™s looking at her, but beware of the TCs, there are some thirsty people in them. lol


Gotta love the thirsty folks in the TCs. :joy:

I have that drama in my watchlist.


Sometimes the TCs make all the difference in a drama. lol

Thereโ€™s a shower scene in Ep2 of Mysterious Love, and well, lets just say @kdrama2020ali would appreciate it. Iโ€™m tempted to screen shot it for the hot posse. lol


So true, especially if itโ€™s a drama Iโ€™m struggling to get through. They are always good for a laugh when you need it.

There can never be too many shower scenes, right? Especially in @kdrama2020ali 's world


You guys make me sound so SHALLOW!!! bahahahahahaha!



If the shoe fitsโ€ฆ :wink::grin: Is that your theme song? Itโ€™s perfect.


Yeppers!!! There is one gorgeous maybe Korean tattooed guy near the end in the flamingo


What? I just know you appreciate a nice set of abs. *innocent * lol