[From Viki Staff/Info] Recently Licensed Titles


I would love to be the Spanish Moderator for the Channel The Golden Age of The Leftover Ladies?


Can Viki please check my Help request about my channel which will air soon? Submitted it about 2 weeks ago and still no reply. I want info about the license, is Viki working on it or not?!


Hi everyone, we recently launched some great Chinese short films/web films. Most of them are romance dramas and 30 minutes or less in length! Check them out and feel free to get started on these titles!

Love in Shenzhou
Lovelorn Rhapsody
See You Again
Goodbye Youth
33 Minutes of Heartbreak
Nanjing Love Story
If Love Had A Second Chance


Hi everyone, we just licensed the upcoming Chinese, on-air drama “You Are My Sisters,” starring Hawick Lau (Lady & Liar, The Cage of Love, Painted Skin II), Lou Yi Xiao and Bai Bing.

The team is currently recruiting both subbers and segmenters, so check it out and if you’re interested, please send a message to either the Channel Managers (khoo59 or serenite78) or respective language moderator.



Hi everyone! We’ve recently launched six Chinese dramas, all of which can be found underneath the “Drama” section under “Library Titles.”

Check them out and feel free to get started!



I am a fan of The Night Watchman. They say episode 3 is 100% English subtitled but it doesn’t have any subtitles.


Hi! I am new here. I really want to be a subber, I can traslate from english to italian. Feel free to contact me, I am glad to help you.


Would Viki be interested in acquiring a license for any of the Ukrainian Kvartal 95 shows? There are a number of shows that the Ukrainian Studio posts on the YouTube at and I am more than positive that international community would love them, and I be the first to help translating them.


I want to help on the lost tomb, how do I join in?


You can check the Contributor’s Wall to see if they need any more subbers for the language you know. And then you can contact the Channel Manager to let them know you’d like to contribute. Good Luck!


Could we have another sticky with a list of about to expire license dramas?!
Thank you

"This content is not available"... Is there a list of shows that were available and now are no longer licensed?

Hi, i am an kor-eng translator/subber. You can check out my works on my youtube channel fangodsubs. If anyone has any projects, do email me!


Hi, I can do it the subtitles eng to spanish


Hi! I’m not sure if this is the right place for this, but I hope it is. I would love to work on new projects as a subtitler! I’m fluent in Swedish and English. Please contact me if there’s a project! :slight_smile:


the best thing to do is scope around projects you wanna work on and contact the Swedish mod!


Thank you! I have, but haven’t had any success yet.


hello , I want a Korean or Taiwanese drama to translate , english to french or english to arabic


Hi! I would like to work with segmentation and caption for Portuguese, please call me!:beijando de olhos fechados:

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Currently not found on Viki, a lengthy watch, very relatable to life’s ups, sideways, and downs. A very good ending too. . . Until this show is again available, I guess my review will remain hidden by Viki.