Funny subbing mistakes


Let’s share some unintentionally funny mistakes we find while watching dramas.

I’ll start with one I found right now. This lady was wearing a hanbok (Korean traditional dress) and the rude heiress stepped on it, tearing it (not a hole a tear). Obviously the subber hadn’t watched all the previous episodes, though. And it didn’t get caught by the editor either.


I am pretty sure this is the worldwide famous “autocorrect” at work.


Hahah so true!


You mean the person had been typing from her phone? Possibly. But she didn’t look at it again after finishing, and the editor didn’t either.
I wish subbers actually watched the drama they are translating. Many of them don’t. They just do a part and leave. So they don’t know anything about who is speaking, the situation, the relationships, nothing.


Possibly they might have used Google Translate to translate it. :rofl: :joy:


I remember that there was a drama, well, but don’t ask me which, where a woman had a necklace on and the line was:

This is 24 kg … :rofl:

Haha, imagine her neck, LOL - I wonder why no one saw this and wrote to the editor, that I think it is - 24 k - as karat, what they meant.


Oh are we reviving this thread? I have one that comes to mind!

I edited an episode once where the (clearly very alive) character was saying “then I can rest assured”
But the subtitle read “I can rest in peace” and I saw it like ?! good grief, they went and killed the man! :laughing:

Even though I’m almost certain it was our old friend the google translate, every time I remember it I laugh :yum:


Are pre-subs allowed? The Prince who turns into a Frog had the WEIRDEST pre-subs :joy: It was both extremely annoying and hilarious. Correcting them was a whole guessing game of its own. I have a whole new level of respect for our poor TEs and Pre-sub editors :joy:
Covered the volunteer’s username because she was just correcting punctuation. The wording and translation is from the Viki pre-sub.