Funny subbing mistakes


Someone somewhere is trying to prove they’re an English scholar


It’s Not Me, It’s You: Projection
What is projection?

Has someone ever told you to stop projecting your feelings onto them? While projecting is often reserved for the world of psychology, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the term used in arguments and heated discussions when people feel attacked.

Projection refers to unconsciously taking unwanted emotions or traits you don’t like about yourself and attributing them to someone else.

Why do some people project? And is there anything that can help someone to stop projecting?

Like a lot of aspects of human behavior, projection comes down to self-defense. Projecting something you don’t like about yourself onto someone else protects you from having to acknowledge parts of yourself you don’t like.

Humans tend to feel more comfortable seeing negative qualities in others rather than in themselves.**

“Projection does what all defense mechanisms are meant to do: keep discomfort about ourselves at bay and outside our awareness.’’ The people who are most prone to projecting are those who don’t know themselves very well, even if they think they do.

People who “feel inferior and have low self-esteem” can also fall into the habit of projecting their own feelings of not being good enough onto others, racism and homophobia as examples of this type of projection on a broader scale.

On the other hand, people who can accept their failures and weaknesses — and who are comfortable reflecting on the good, bad, and ugly within — tend not to project. “They have no need, as they can tolerate recognizing or experiencing the negatives about themselves.”



I’m just wondering how they managed to imagine that a woman will be wearing a 24kg necklace around her neck :joy::joy::joy:


how lmaooooo


I am not sure about English subs gone wrong (simply because none comes to mind except for this one drama I should probably not mention :joy:), but there were quite a few ones I saw for Romanian. Like there was this historical fantasy Chinese drama where there were all sorts of gangs and tribes involved, and well, there was this scene where two of the MCs discuss a gang attack, and the person who translated the line straight up slapped a “gangul” which, in Romanian means “passage/ passageway”. I cried. Like, on the one hand, I understand how that came to be, especially since we forget how to speak our OWN languages or we simply do not FULLY understand English, but on the other hand, this is unacceptable. I have the same issue when reading SOME translated books. :joy::woman_facepalming:


This one :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl: did they really need to translate the obvious “Green Home” lmbo :rofl:


That’s not uncommon, that they seemingly translate those sings unnecessarily, but it’s so that other languages later can translate it, if needed.


O! It makes sense, I forgot the other languages do their translate after the English subtitles are in. . .:wink:


Don’t we all sometimes feel like a beer? :woman_shrugging:




I know. I get so annoyed when it is clearly in English and the put a subtitle.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth::sweat_smile::smile: I thought it funny, but forgot (*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5: the below, is the reason. :wink:


Just found an example that shows we OL translators cannot always translate the same English word/phrase with exactly the same word/phrase in our language.

The FL’s neighbour was about to move house. FL wasn’t happy and tried convincing him to stay. A few days later this was his response: :point_down:

Translation: ‘By the way, I decided not to move (my body).’

A few seconds later, however, the right translation was used:

‘You aren’t going to move (house)?’

Bewegen = move (one’s body)
Verhuizen = move (house)
As you can see, these words are entirely different.



The real reason they do that is mainly to add contribution count.
[…] This will give the subber who wrote 12 sub count bc we have to count the space also.

I always feel that PERIODS should not become contribution count for the subbers because lately, I see periods in places that are not needed, and I know they place them there just so they add up as their contribution count. I hope they look into this further. It makes no sense that people here are getting contribution count for adding a period that sometimes has no need to be placed in the sentence.



Don’t you think the person/subber might have used that new translating method that many subbers have access in here now? DEEPL software.

The Deepl for example. I read somewhere some moderators are allowing their subbers to use it when writing subtitles. Like with GT they are not supposed to write the same exact sentence, but we know some don’t care about quality, but quantity.

If the person is not proficient enough in the language, there’s no way they can tell the difference, and the mistake they did in the subtitle. You noticed because you are proficient enough in both ( German/English).

This has been going on here a lot lately, and that’s breaking the Guideline Rules of Subbing. In the past, these things were reported to stop the subber from continue use of any translators tools. But since we are no longer fully staffed; these subbers are not being made responsible for their actions, and they are breaking the rules set up to maintain quality in the OL/Any language translations.

Thank you for sharing this.


This is an older show (2018) and the moderator is no longer active on Viki. She completely removed her account. I worked with her a few times in the past (not on this show) and she finished all of her projects and was very quick, but sometimes she made mistakes like this because she worked too fast and didn’t review the episodes after they were done. Actually, the 1st sentence is also grammatically wrong because it literally follows English word order. I see it quite often.

(Dutch/English) :slight_smile:


I usually translate it either for OL or just because the segment is there. Lol
I cannot stand leaving a segment empty, unless there’s absolutely nothing to translate. :rofl:

I let the CE decide if they want to keep it or not. Otherwise, it’s getting a trans! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The lyrics make it a bit funnier :laughing:


ok but again it is already in English. I guess it is just in case.


Yes it is just in case that OL need to translate. So the segmenting team will create the segment regardless, if it is alredy written in English. But if the English team dosn’t fill in the subs, the subcount won’t go up to 100%.


They usually ask the team or CS to remove the subtitle if they don’t translate it :blush: