Funny subbing mistakes


Based on the second clip’s, sentence, nurtured should be murdered?

Episode 1 of A Tale of Two Cities, Less than 2:00 minutes in :wink:


That completely changes the whole context. Oh dear. :grin:


I’m pretty sure that’s a Star Wars reference:



Hi, there’s no mistake there. They are merpeople, like mermaids and mermen. Thus, they are nurtured, or born, at sea. :blush: Oh, or were you referring to the past tense verbs in the second clip?


Yeah, I see ‘nurture(d)’ used a lot in Chinese dramas, so it didn’t look off to me, unless like @pandali_666 says, you were referring to something else or the combination of both? :blush:


@pandali_666, @feyfayer,
If nutured is intended to mean they were taken care of, then I stand corrected.
The meaning conveyed by the two clips above, if changed, would change the whole context like @midknightmoodz posted.
The thing though is, their tears turning into pearls drums up a sad meaning, and as the drama later confirms.

Thank you both for this opportunity to mention another subbing I found in this drama. I found it indigestible. Here goes:
I found the word Roger also used in this drama, in an episode, 왜요? ¯_ಠಿ_ಠಿ_/¯? Roger is such a dated term, and military term, at that, used by American soldiers to mean yes, or go ahead, it’s a term of agreement. It does not go with the timeframe of this drama which talks about emperors. Hence a Funny subbing mistake.


Yes, I completely agree that “tears turning into pearls” does tend to have a sad connotation. However, the speaker was just describing them to set up the story. Also, technically, it could be happy tears. Haha. But yeah they were captured to force to create pearls later on.


A mistake I saw in the J-drama “Ishitachi no Renai Jijo,” which ran as “Doctors’ Affairs” when Crunchyroll had it (it’s not a romantic comedy so it’s not likely to ever make it to Viki,) is a scene where the caption said:
“Sometimes you do not try to not like somebody.”

It was kind of a pat-on-the-back moment for me because by coincidence, at that same time in Japanese class we had just covered imperative forms, so I recognized why the mistake was there: In Japanese you indicate “have to” or “must” with a double-negative. So “Sometimes you do not try to not like somebody,” which is a literal translation of the Japanese sentence, should really be “Sometimes you have to try to like somebody” or “Sometimes you must try to like somebody.”


Found another :joy:

Annnd!:rofl: another!

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: The episodes as it stands, I’m at 37, are riddled full of an endless supply of more FSM:face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Psst! Everyone :rofl::rofl::rofl: The entire drama is a minefield :bomb: of FSM :scream: :eyes: :joy:


She asks: Are you hungry?

A litter? :rofl:


But that’s only a typo.
More important: The question should come first. Or do he ask the same?


That’s the question! :joy: One has to see the actions before… it could well be the person before asked the same…


If I’m not mistaken she repeats the question.
It’s a funny typo to me XD


I’m currently watching a show (that’s not aired on Viki) but there was a funny subtitle.

“Did they have beef with each other?”

Beef in this context was not referring to food.
It’s a slang meaning, having a disagreement or falling out with someone. :joy:
When I saw the subtitle I had to giggle. This show is a Cdrama set in the republication era.


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