Music from Finland



I think Finnish musicians deserve their own topic. :wink:

Negative’s Jonne Aaron has a solo career these days:

Singing in Finland-Swedish:

Getting To Know Each Other
What are you listening to?

:grinning: I listened to all the songs, I’ve made it :grin::muscle:
There are many good songs :grinning::heart_eyes:
Great :blush: I don’t understand the Finnish language, but it’s interesting…



Guck mal, was Mirjam da noch für schöne finnische Bands [Schätze] hat, ist auch so richtig herrliche Headbanging Mucke :grin: zwischen :slight_smile:
Man lernt doch immer wieder neues kennen, das ist echt klasse :heart::+1:


Great songs, Gaby! :sunglasses: I didn’t know they had worked with Nina Hagen!
Oh, and funny enough, the last song was in my head last night and now you post it here, hahaha! :slight_smile:


They even worked with Till, the singer of Ramstein :slight_smile:

Nightwish, I found her best with Tarja
Or he alone :blush: :heart_eyes:


Cool! :slight_smile:

I prefer Tarja too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They have a Dutch singer now:


We don’t want to be like that…
It is not bad either… :blush:


She used to be the singer of After Forever, which was a great band I’d say, but you know, when I think of Nightwish I first think of Tarja. :slight_smile:

This is Finntroll playing a song from Hedningarna (a Swedish band with some Finnish members). VargTimmen is Swedish for “The hour of the wolf”. It refers to the hour before dawn.
The song is for the most part sung in Swedish. At the beginning and somewhere in between you hear some Finnish in Hedningarna’s version and Sami in Finntroll’s version.

And this is Lullacry:



And now it’s party time with Tehosekoitin’s “Keskiyön tanssi” (Midnight Dance) :dancer: :

Btw, did you know that the Finnish word for Wednesday (keskiviikko) is a literal translation of the German Mittwoch? :slight_smile:


I only got to hear the first one until now, wished I had more time, but I don’t want to take my laptop to the kitchen these days I am tending to get into small accidents …
Anyway of course I know these groups

If you ask me to chose I would go with Wig Wam the fun factor is higher.

Just as I wanted to close my video collection - I saw this band and thought aren’t they from Finland as well?


Oh, I guess many of us know this band, probably the only Finish band I ever saw live in my hometown’s soccer stadium as support for Roxette from Sweden. Now both bands are no longer around …

I don’t know if @mirjam_465 you ever happen to hear him talk in another language than Finish or English? He was a jury member of The Voice Germany


I hadn’t. That’s so cool! :slight_smile:


They sure are. :slight_smile:

The Lordi video was not available in my country! :frowning: Anyways, this was their very first hit:

I agree. :drum:


It’s interesting that music from Finland never got that hyped, okay, never might be wrong. There was a small wave from Finland with Rasmus and Sunrise Avenue … I don’t know if there was a 3rd band that I got to hear on the radio. I am not sure about that.
It seems from a distant view Sweden is much bigger in selling their music starting with Abba, Ace of Base, Roxette, Europe, The Ark, The Cardigans, Rednex and many more …
Norway too, starting in the 80’s A-ha, Fra-Lippo-Lippi, (a band name I probably will never forget in my life), Dancing with a Stranger, …

Coming to a mistake … I confused a band called Wigwam the Finish one, with Wig Wam, who actually come from Norway.

But know what I don’t think they sound to bad either coming from the early 70’s.

I don’t know about Danish bands, it seems Denmark has more solo artists …


Sunrise Avenue haben sich aufgelöst? Oh man :unamused: This is a pity, But there are worse


Jupp, die Jungs wollten eigentlich diesen Sommer auf Abschiedtour gehen, die aus uns bekannten Gründen nicht stattfindet und die nun praktisch um ein Jahr verschoben ist ab April 2021. Die machen live jede Menge Spaß, also würde ich durchaus empfehlen, wer die Musik mag, sollte sich vielleicht ein paar Termine notieren.
Ihr Danke-Schön-Lied


Da lohnt es sich ja vielleicht tatsächlich auf ein Konzert zu gehen, :slight_smile:


You probably heard HIM? Ville Valo’s former band?

Yes, Swedish music seems to be popular all over the world. Even Chinese artists cover ABBA songs!
These Finns had one hit once in The Netherlands. The video was taken at one of the subway stations in Helsinki where I’ve been a lot of times:

Ah, yes, that’s right! :joy:

Denmark had Laid Back and later Aqua, Alphabeat and of course Saybia.


I think I missed out on them. How did that happen? I will look into Alphabeat too, a little funky, dance tune, …

Freestyler, I know that song it played a lot on the radio.

Laid Back - Sunshine Reggae and Baker Man? Aqua - Barbie Girl, isn’t it a pitty that after so many years in show biz this is pretty much all I remember.

No, it’s not HIM, I would put them in another “corner”, … I think there was a band the lead singer blond, but not with big shoulders like Samu Haber a slimmer guy, but I would not stand for it, if that band I have in mind really is from Finland.

I just got their name The Calling, they were popular at that time too. Didn’t know where they were from so apparently they are from the US.


I had to really think long and hard to remember their name! It was the first Danish band that came to mind, but … What was their name again? Ah, and they had that hit! What was it called again? :joy:

Ah, I know that song too!

Btw, even Finnish musicians cover ABBA:


Abba sangen mal auf Deutsch und nein, ich wüsste nicht, dass es ein Hit war. :rofl: Es klang zu merkwürdig.

Abba sang a few times in German, I don’t think it was a hit. It sounded too weird.