Getting To Know Each Other


I listen to allot of music also random and weird stuff I guess, if it sounds to me good.

I love allot of classical music with erhu and zither as example:
sounds like Jia peng fang but I cant read Chinese but I love his music

I to love some viking stuff:

Sometimes I adhere to the dark side because they have cookies ^^

I to love experimental music like these:

I to like some dreamy electronic vibes:

As you can see a broad mix of tunes, im always happy to discover new musics except for Schlager I guess thats a German music genre thats just a no no…


Wow, you have great taste in music! :sunglasses::notes:
I too have a very broad taste.

I hadn’t heard this in a while, but I suddenly thought of it. It’s extremely long, though:

And now that you told me they have cookies … :wink:

Sonic Youth:

The Gentle Waves:


Duet in Turkish and Bulgarian:



Don’t worry, this is not Schlager :wink: :slight_smile:

A classic:



I had to share this :smile: It’s been stuck in my head since I heard it haha. The original song is by Doja Cat and this girl, Rainych, made a Japanese version and it’s super catchy.

Edit: I also like anime opening songs and songs that sound like they could be one :blush:


wow so many music :smiley: I need some time later to listen trough all your songs. I love already the pain teens, I didn’t knew them. I love darkwave, and postpunk.


Nice song! :slight_smile: But who is Doja Cat? And in which language was the original?


Not my kind of music but I like the sweetness her voice has. It’s unique.


Me too. But I also like a lot of other music.
I think you might like Die Verbannten Kinder Evas too. Darkwave from Austria. :slight_smile:


Ok im heading out now,

Heres some visual kei:
I love these guys…

Probably the best song they ever made…

…And thats a newer one


That’s a band I recently discovered! <3


I don’t really follow her career, but I did see the video that made her famous, about cows.

Here is the original:


omg her voice is sooooo sweeeeeeet :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thank you for sharing <3333


wait thats the same girl as the one above you’ve linked?! She did make quite the change visually


wow there are some real great songs in your list I love especially the Turkish vs Bulgarian song its so beautiful.

Here some Turkish darkwave for my music friendo!

ah and here to a few of my Mongolian music treasures, I hope you love them :wink:


As I don’t know exactly in which way you meant your question, I will answer it in two ways:

Rainych (first video) did a cover of Doja cat’s song (second video). Two different people.

If you mean if she (Doja cat from the cow video) is the same person as the Doja cat I linked above, then the answer is yes :wink: :sweat_smile:


Oof confuseing… but then the above did a great job at the cover, her voice to fit perfectly.


Yes, Doja cat saw her cover and there is a video of her watching it on Youtube. Doja cat was so impressed by Rainych cover :smiley: It was fun to see how much an artist could enjoy someone else’s rendition of their own work.


Love all of them! :heart_eyes: And I had never heard Turkish dark wave before!

Here’s some more Bulgarian music:


In Latvian they even “translate” names: Es neesmu Dzeina Fonda = I’m not Jane Fonda:

Mana dziesma = my song:

You probably already know Bauhaus:

The Handsome Family:


someone you know you can lean on whenever and whyever :smile:


Exactly! :slight_smile:


The Mongolian music is just like my style, thank you for sharing this <3 I already downloaded every song on your post XD