Getting To Know Each Other


I finished the list. :slight_smile:
It’s great music, the Mongolian as well as the gothic. Not depressing, just relaxing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No I haven’t considered yet to study Mongolian language since im currently study the Chinese but im openminded to take a try some day. you?


This reminds me sooo much on the music which my parents hear. @faywartune_545

This is a example of very old and traditional music of the turks:

Here is also a “ilahi” which is a religious (modern) song:

Sideinfo: Those songs are also played in weddings in the last years where NO ONE dances (sadly). But only the very strict religious people will make a wedding like that.


why no dancing?


Wheh. No, I only wanted to learn arabic, korean if possible because
I am already learning korean and turkish right now. And I didn’t even reconsidered to learn it because it’s not really being used sadly.


Don’t ask me. All guests are very covered and they only play “ilahi songs” like above. That’s why the guests only sit there for 4-6 hours and after the distribution of gold or money they will leave or will stay until the end which only close family or friends do.


Ah interesting, I like the second song. I can understand allot. its a cute song.

oh also mirjam I loved the Latvian songs that you posted earlier it also sounds a beautiful language.

In general I love oriental music allot. Its calm and mostly nice classical instruments also im love dream of desert. I dont know why I just love the desert for some odd reasons.


Actually yes, I even bought a course book over two years ago, but soon after it arrived my dad died (3 months after my mom :frowning: ) and then nothing came of it anymore.
And in the meantime I started learning Korean online (at first just on Duolingo, but got more serious over time), so eventually I was hooked on Korean.
Anyways, I still have the Mongolian course, so I will learn Mongolian someday.
I do have a long playlist with Mongolian songs, but it’s mostly modern music.

And here’s a Mongolian guy singing in Korean at The Voice Of Mongolia:


oh my gods, the first one: chono ft ice sound like linking park!


I’m glad you liked them. Yes, it’s a beautiful language. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Let me teach you to say “hello” in Latvian:

When talking to one male person: hello = sveiks
When talking to one female person: hello = sveika
When talking to more than one male person: hello = sveiki
When talking to more than one female person: hello = sveikas

When there’s both men and women, you use the masculine plural form (sveiki).


cool, everyday we learn something new I’m excited! I hope I won’t forget : o

Also 'im sorry to read you lost your parents, but I do wish you the strength after sadness to go on with your life and achieve your dreams and happiness.

I do like some of the modern Mongolian songs. I guess you know the HU band xD they already conquered probably the ears of the whole world.


Thank you very much. :blossom:

And yes, I do know them. :slight_smile:

Which ones did you like most?


Chono ft ice top boogie
The lemons
Nagii Rigel

All are great in their own ways but those 3 are more my vibes.

I thank you to for sharing so much with us, also @rose_shn.
Its been nice talking with you guys, sharing and discovering new cultures and music.

I have to go sleep now and do wish you all a good night.


Same here ^^’ My head is already hurting so I couldn’t watch the videos but I will do it tommorrow.

Good night to you guys! :new_moon:


I’m going to sleep as well.

Goodnight to you and to @rose_shn! :notes:


I just listened to them. Very beautiful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Here’s a nice Icelandic song:

Great choice. Chono is one of my favourites too. Here’s another song:

This is one of my favourite Mongolian songs. You already heard it somewhere above, but now you can sing along (well, if you can read Cyrillic):

Btw, hamtlag (pronounce the first h like the Dutch g or ch) is the Mongolian word for “band”.


I liked Camerton - Hairiin Hot but the 1th and 2th weren’t my taste, I must say.
The Lemons and Tatar were interesting to hear and more like my taste. ^^


Hello, hope you do well.
Thank you for the songs :3

And yes I do know solstafir, they are a kind of dark and melancholic. Fjara and midaftan are thus far my favourite songs by them.

You do understand that language? I always wondered what’s the song about.


That one is great to, he’s probably the only one ever played on a burning piano