Getting To Know Each Other


I did take Icelandic courses when I was living in Finland, but that was quite a while ago (and the obligated Old Norse courses were even longer ago), so I can’t say it’s still fresh in my mind.
One of the things that has always fascinated me about Icelandic was the pronunciation, especially the fact that they pronounce t’s in words that don’t have a t in them, for example in Íslensku my teacher pronounced a t between the s and l.
By now I don’t remember much more than:

Góðan daginn, ég heiti Mirjam.
Hvað heitir þú?

Of the song I understand bits and pieces.

Þetta er það lengsta sem ég fer = This is the furthest I will go
Aldrei aftur samur maður er.= = (I) will never be the same man again

Ef ég vinn í þetta eina sinn = If I win (or: work) this one time
er það samt dauði minn = it will be my death either way

Áfram ríð, hjartað pumpar tárum = While I move forward, my heart is pumping tears
Dag sem nótt ég geng nú einn = Day as well as night I’m walking alone


Thank you,
You know so many language thats impressive.

Have you ever been to Iceland? It has the polar lights :3


I haven’t. But I would love to go there someday. :iceland:


I cannot believe I have missed this! ok bring it on, who are you?? so I do know a few here but like the title says, getting to know you, so this is me
I am a widow for 20 years, have 3 sons out of the nest I live in Raleigh, NC USA, hobbies,

  1. watch these dramas
    2 crochet
    4 genealogy
    5 gardening
    6 cook/bake
    7 read & study the bible
    8 love meeting people, thats why I m here
    9 love learning new things
    10 writing, note my name
    think that should do for now


Nice to meet you.

I to love sewing its just im not that great at it :smiley: I prefer punching things :3 what are you crochet, what’s the verb for it? I know of some people they can do some pretty amazing plushies of it.

adorable things like these:



The Dutch word is so much easier, lol. :wink:


cool thank you, my gods this word break my tongue xD I still don’t get which application would have been the right one.


“What are you crocheting?”


Ah now it does make sense, thank you. Aye im excited, I learn so many new things today :blush:


Usage: “What are you crocheting now?” A question I’m often asking the wife who is an avid (rabid) crocheter. She knocks those things out faster than a factory in China.
Our house is overrun with crocheted animals, real and mythical. Disney characters, anything Japanese kawaii / anime. Film and games characters, seasonal things like Christmas trees, Easter eggs, bunnies and pumpkins (all with obligatory black bead eyes)
They have recently breached the containment field of the living room to spill out into the kitchen, steps of the stairwell and bedrooms. (where I have only just managed to purge the remaining corpses of the loom band craze of a few years ago)
Ownership of crocheted item is sometimes passed on to our daughter by the negotiation of “AWWwwww! That’s so cuuuuuute!” who will then proceed to dress item in a tutu no matter the gender, BayMax from Big Hero 6 - tutued. Crocheted version of sock monkey - tutued, elephant - tutued.

Oh, I forgot my introduction…
Hi, I’m the guy that lives in a nut house!


I have always wanted to make one of these cute little animals, so another one to watch! thanks

I crochet scrunchies(those net things you scrub dishes with) crochet blankets, baby caps. and lapghans, then donate to others


You just taught me two new words. :slight_smile:
Haha, I had to look up lapghans and the first description got me confused, cause it said Lap-sized afghans, usually about 36 inches wide by 48 inches long, are sometimes called lapghans . So for a moment I pictured little crocheted Afghan Hounds … but further investigation told me it was a blanket for on your lap. :rofl:

However, it turns out that crocheted Afghan Hounds do exist:



a lady made some other doggie ones, I thought were real!
her grandson had leashes on them and were standing by them holding the leashes! awesome is all I can say, and sorry for the misunderstanding, I should have said lap blanket!
I hope this works! the 2 doggies and boy well I guess it didn’t but maybe you can try, yeah I seen that, thought it was cute, wonder if you could put a magnet on the back and make a fridge magnet with it? or make a pin cushion!! yeaaaa! it worked!!!


I just discovered there’s even crocheted bibimbap:


oh this dish look so great im getting hungry.

Today I was sewing a facemark for the kiosk lady I dont know if *kiosk is the same word for a store you can buy newspaper, lottery, candy and stuff like that.

Its not perfect, I really have no patience for sewing better punching things :3


Not only does the egg have the obligatory black bead eyes but the bowl too! :no_mouth:


It is, although a kiosk usually is an open-fronted small cabin-like building, where customers don’t get inside but just talk to the salesman from outside. Although in Finland they have actual stores called R-kioski, which basically sell the things you mentioned.

That kiosk lady will love you! Where are the imperfections? Can you point them out, hahaha? :wink:

Btw, earlier this week, while grocery shopping, I saw for the first time in my life people wearing a mask (other than doctors and the like) in my environment. There were only two of them, and they were not even Dutch. For us masks are now obligatory in public transport, but they’re still not available, so you don’t see anyone wearing them.


That’s so they could find each other again in case they get separated … :wink:


Ah I see, thats very interesting how these stores vary to each country. In that case here a kiosk is that, that you described as in Finland.

The Kiosk lady I know her since I go often there to recharge my phone and stuff like that, and she told me today, shell need to wear a mask after next week to keep opening the store and that she’s very frustrated about the mask the company did offer to her. So since i’m bored I though why not making her one. I like that kiosk lady because she is always friendly and has a good mood so I want her to be healthy so she can make many people happy with being like a sunshine.

AH yes well…im a perfectionist a terrible one but i’m not fully happy with the seams but I think the thought it is that count yes? :3 I really don’t have the patience for sewing but give me clay and I make artworks for hours.

Here I don’t know yet if we run into the second wave but I can only speak of my observation that the country is shooting down again but slowly. Well the good, the supermarket has yet toilet paper in stock and i can measure how serious things get if there’s none anymore xD

I don’t really care to much for that whole circus, I just do my part and thats about it and hope its over soon.


Here stores just have a sort of plastic sheet hanging between the customer and the person at the counter.

It’s definately the thought that counts. :slight_smile:
A mask of clay doesn’t sound like a good idea, though, hahaha. :wink: Do you have any pictures of your artwork?

The local supermarket here has been through several changes the last few months. By now the rules are getting more loose and some long gone products have magically reappeared on the shelves.

That’s all we can do …