Getting To Know Each Other


Yes we do have something like that to now at the super market. A plexiglass wall between the salesman and the costumer, feels so weird.

And no if you want to breathe I suggest not xD but the idea for sure is interesting as a product of torture or mummification perhaps? xD


Thats something I made but its not real clay, its air drying mass. Though I prefer clay but that does need firing and to it doesn’t guarantee a success on your work. The firing is not possible at the moment those places are mostly located at a school that do the firing sadly and they are in holidays. But that works just as fine as an alternative. Im planning to do more of those relief kind of pictures I enjoyed to do it.

And you do also something creative?


Yes, in case we need to punish someone, hahaha. :wink:

Ah, that’s beautiful. You have talent! :slight_smile:

Not really. In my younger years I was more creative. Drawing, origami, filigree … But the last years I haven’t done many creative things, other than writing and even that I haven’t done very recently.


Oh, is there any reason for the creative lull?


My my, You do seem to like punching things, dose your room and furniture look like Swiss cheese?
Like the :grinning: face touch on the mask, I’m sure it reflects the nature of the kiosk lady.


No, no no I would love if my place was a dojo though but since I bought the furniture myself with my savings I prefer to not demolish it. With punching things… I mean more I prefer doing my martial arts exercises then doing these girly stuffs. I cant help it, maybe i’m to passionate about martial arts.

The kiosk lady was super happy.


Well, I guess just life getting in the way. Less time, more stress, losing sight of my hobbies. But no, not one particular event.


I know the feels, I hope you will find some moments of calm and quiet.

here some relaxing beautiful song :3


How is everyone doing? :slight_smile:


Very well! My parents left the home two days ago sooooo I AM ALONE! HELL YES!
I looooove the quietness it’s unbelievable! In the last weeks I was so damn annoyed because my parents or my brother are coming every 10 min without knocking the door :expressionless:

So I have much time to clean the house and so I did 80% done, only wiping is left and my closet. I haven’t cleaned out my closet in two years so it’s really too full even tho it’s very small like 1 meter for a woman :sweat:

And because I did’nt have any deadlines left that’s why I edited a lot in the last two days as well and will do it in the next days as well. I also designed two pages but forgot one to do it because of the edit. Too many people are requesting a cover page but I don’t have the time for this right now because I have to edit so many project’s and it’s hard to find one as well because it’s so time consuming. :pensive:

Yeah… that’s it from me. :v:


Yay! :fireworks: For how long?

I haven’t had much of that either, lately, even though I live alone. Luckily the construction work in my street is almost done by now, but I still have neighbours … :roll_eyes:
This weekend was relatively quiet though … :slight_smile:


3 weeks ^^ I wish I had 4-5 weeks some alone time lol
It’s really wonderful to stay awake whenever I want and whenever I want to eat because my mother doesn’t make the meals in fix hours (but I wished she would do it) :laughing:


Listen, you can do business by selling this mask. Quite a nice one you did here. Something like that, my daughter would love. She hates every mask I get her and we went to OLD NAVY and they had some nice ones but the colors were YUCK!!!

So the poor thing still looking for more fashionable face mask bc she’s such a darn picky person. Ugh! Shopping with her takes hours bc of her pickiness when buying stuff. I almost passed out from going to so many places with this deadly mask that takes our oxygen and turn it into carbon dioxide. Thank GOD I have no bad breath bc I would be vomiting all the time hahahahaha


Enjoy! :slight_smile:

So what do you plan to eat? Something your mom never makes?


Of course! She’s a very traditional person and makes only that what she knows from her homeland which is only turkish dishes (only well known within a city). That’s why I will make some changes but I have to eat the last few days what in the fridge was so I won’t waste any food.


Any ideas yet of what you will make once the fridge is empty? :shallow_pan_of_food::stew::green_salad::bento::rice::curry::ramen::spaghetti::sweet_potato::sushi:


Oh yes! The last time that I was lonely like this in the evening I made…

  • minced meat with corn, zucchini, potatoes, carrots as required as a mix
  • deep-frozen tortellini with cheese taste and other variation’s
  • rice with other variation’s as well because I try not to eat bread

I eat in the morning something like like toast, fish finger, cereal, decent topping with bread or sausage ^^


Fish fingers in the morning? Here they are usually served with dinner …


if you tell me what colours she does like and maybe make a template that you can scan from her face size I will make you one if you allow me to go ham on creativity :smiley: but it would take some time with the shipping. I won’t ask money. its enough if your daughter is happy



Oh, thank you so much that’s so beautiful on your part, but don’t worry I bought so many that she has to use them sooner or later. I bought a box of 100 NK 95 mask. We have many more with the flag of our Island, Puerto Rico.

Maybe if you decide to make them and sell them, it would be nice design the flag of your country. They come out so cute and sell like hotcakes. The smiley face on yours it’s such a cute design you made. People are making so much money making mask bc without the vaccine that’s the only thing that can save us.

PS. Let me know if I can help you in any way.


Meanwhile in my area everyone is still walking around without a mask and by now the one and a half meters distance is not that common anymore either these days in the supermarkets.