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Same here ! Didn’t watch episode 8 yet

At the end of ep 7 HOW could you not jump into ep 8!! LOL




[not sure if this is a spoiler or not…] OMFGGGGG AT THE END @ EP 8

why. why writers. now i gotta wait a week. Gosh I hate how they have no previews!!

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Hahahahaha It wasn’t even out when I watched episode 7
Gonna watch it now mom made pizza

HOLY CRAP!!! Total AWESOMENESS WOW I can’t wait til next week!!! And I swear that camera is the KEY piece of evidence I called that wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back at the beginning…this ep he was snapping photo I’m betting he took the murderer’s pic and possibly the entire murder is on that old film

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Yep I was thinking that too. Really hope so. It’s a real edge of the seat drama I think my heart rate goes through the roof every week deff one of the best for a long while.

Ummm I think the murderer is definitely snakes brother. I am sure of it. That’s why that grandpa is always with DG.
And the fact that he was on their pic.

Ex boyfriend is probably used and threatened with something he did in past

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I love this drama !!! The character of Ki Dong Chan is so funny and sexy in the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

No preview… It’s hard for me >_<

I think you are right on the money with that one!!! And I think the girlfriend that was killed was probably dating more than just DG wasn’t she a WITCH with a capital B she wants out of that town ASAP and seemed to only latch on to him because he was going to Seoul yeah the ex boyfriend cop is tied in somehow…

Hahahahahahajajah you made me laugh girl

Yeah could be or that guy was jealous … i feel bad for DC how he tries to get over everything.
This i an example why i personally , i know there are many ppl who think otherwise, am against death penalty. If they find out that the older brother is innocent , and he is already dead it would be awful…
Poor guy… has to be in prison even tho he didn’t do anything. At least it looks like that for now.

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Well I agree and disagree LOL I mean if there is absolutely no shadow of a doubt and the dude admits to it and has plot it out than yeah… bring it …especially for those monsters that prey on children…now in the case of special needs it would be really hard in most cases that they would have the thought capacity to plan out a vicious crime…this is my view on it though… if you had a pet dog that went mad, you couldn’t bear to let them suffer and put them down yet when a human suffers compete and utter madness where they are viciously committing and plotting these crimes we let them suffer…

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Yeah … last year I had to do a big research about this topic . And no matter how much I hate ppl who do that to kids I would prefer to let them die in guilty in a cell in prison than give them death. For example that Japanese man who was in prison for over 50 years and they decided to kill him. Sis was able do drag out that process and in the end it came out: Man was innocent. He didn’t kill a whole family.

But yeah it’s difficult.

You know I think that sth happened to the brother that he said that. I am sure of it that he didn’t do anything but the real culprit definitely made him believing that he hurt that girl. What a psycho that you use a human who has a disability …

I have no idea why. Usually I am not sure about my theories but this time I really believe that it is like that .

We will see. I love this drama :smiley:

Me too :smile: I love it… It’s brilliant. I can’t figure it out what will happen next as I do with other kdramas…

Me, I think she’s great.

@melliebean_2 @preena0003

I just watched episode 11 and I can’t believe it

I knew that that freaking asshole ex boyfriend has a secret and is getting threatened bcs if this.
I never ever hated a character as much as I hate the husband. I hate him more than the boyfriend in secret. How can you do that ??? Poor girl got kidnapped again because of her stupid father im going crazy here while hugging my little brother saying that I will never let him being alone if it’s not my mom with him. Trust no one. That’s why I sacrifice my free time because I just can’t trust anybody looking after my brother
Phew I swear this episode killed me

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I really like the casting !




She’s so cute with the helmet

OMG!!! I didn’t know it was out I’ll watch it right now!! Be back in an hour to tell you what I thought!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Uppppss sorry for the spoiler then
Yeah I will probably see your post tomorrow then. Almost 11pm over here and I have to wake up at 6 am …

Enjoy !!

Soooooooooooo mad at these stupid men ATM!!! Kk so let me get this straight someone please correct me if I’m wrong but the ex boyfriend cop is covering and abetting a clearly psycho serial killer because he as far as I know accidentally shot the nephew…

anyone else not seeing the logic in this at all I’m sorry but I think his dad would be a little more miffed that he’s helping a murderer and committing crimes than be worried about an accident…

and The Worst Father of the Year Award goes to…yeah so I’m being threatened, my mistress just tried to kill my kid and than went psycho suicidal on my ass… ohhh and let us not forget the threatening phone texts… just another day…let’s lock the wife up clearly she is making way too much out of this…and I’ll take the kid to work where she will be totally unsupervised…

totally waiting for this to happen…

that was pretty much my reaction to ep 11…that and me freaking out that he had her hair pin you never know they could twist this around and he’s the killer…when he drinks he has black outs and doesn’t remember he might just snap if he finds out his brother was framed as the killer and that the dad knew all along…which I would FREAK