~ God's Gift ~

HOLY CRAP!!! Ep 12 was intense the last scene I have no idea who that dude is??? Only in K-Drama World can a locked down psych ward have violent tended patients somehow pick lock their doors to be able to get into others…o_O. that was a little unbelievable…but yeah still WOW!!!

It’s good. I really like this one too.


ok so sebyu is a total dumb annoying brat let’s get that over with

idk who did it and i don’t think it was the guy in the mental hospital bc!!! wasn’t he in the mental hospital when sb was kidnapped??? and why did poopchan have her hairpin is yet to be resolved… i think he has somehting to do with her DEATH… at least when he was drunk, perhaps at that time he saw her walking alone and introduced her to someone saying “this is my friend, he will walk u home ok little girl drunk noises” ??? ridiculous theory but idk this is kilLI N G ME …!@???

LOL my theory changes every episode!!! But it is either Snake’s older brother who somehow isn’t dead…maybe??? …possibly that dude by the President cuz he just looks evil…don’t think it’s the ex boyfriend I mean he’s totally a crooked cops and needs to be put in prison for what he has done but I don’t think he’s her killer…hoping against hope it’s not DC in some plot twist that I would HATE…I’ve taken off the dad from my list hands down he wins the Worst Father of the Year Award and has been covering for the real killer but don’t think he’s the one…WHO KNOWS could be some random guy they add in on ep 16…just to keep us all guessing…

I’m gonna watching the latest episode now. I swear if it’s the older brother I will sooooooo have a boss feeling hahahahqha
I will be like " DIDNT I SAY THAT HMMMMM"
If not its okay hahaha just would be awesome if I would be right for once

Lololol that random guy at episode 16 hahaha just like in criminal minds when you don’t trust anybody and at the end they r all innocent but a random person is the killer facepalm

do u guys think the mental ill bro on death row is actual criminal?? i think so. i also think poopchan has evry right 2 b piss mad at his mum. she is good 4 nothing imo. nostril. also mama need 2 just kill evr1 nd stay with dumb child sb and marry poop. but make her husband suffer like tempation of a wife… best dramamamammmama… :_(((((((((((((((((((((( i am v emoptional i need 2 work but that episode make me !!! angry dooodoo head

Umm no he’s not. If you watched episode 13 it’s clearly showing that DC mentally ill brother is not criminal. He wanted to protect his brother. And well after DC found out that his brother is innocent I am sure he dies from the guilt. His mom suffered a lot knowing that her son never did anything wrong.

Ooookkkkaaaay I am done with episode 13 and my head omgg. First of all. What the heck is wrong with our SH ??
what she did at the end of the episode was just the dumbest and worst thing ever. Seriously that was low. No matter how much you wanna hurt somebody never ever use a innocent children to do that… I was a little bit disappointed in this move of her.
As for the whole murder story. I am too confused to even think straight. I am sure it will be a random person at the end if it continues like this.
What’s interesting is the fact that it’s not about SB being kidnapped but about the wrong accused mentally ill brother which caused the whole thing. I seriously love this drama lol

i thot the move was actually ok i mean she saved his life and brought him 2 his mama… but i didnt get why those guys were chasing them??? they didnt look/seem like actual security for the facility.

I don’t mean that. Like I said before : at the end of the episode.
She took the granddaughter of the president and I don’t think it was something good. The kid is innocent that’s what I meant before…

For the security. The one chasing the mentally ill guy and his mom was probably the dad but I don’t know why.

The scene when Dong Chan go and see his brother is really sad ! He accused him of crime but his brother tried to protect him…

This drama is so good ! I love the 2 leads ! Their trust in each other :slight_smile:

Yes exactly what I mean…
Death penalty is a very difficult topic and I love how this drama shows different views.
There r surely a lot of ppl like DC’s brother out there who r innocent but waiting for death in prison sigh

I hope she can divorce that damn husband and start a new life with DC. Seriously I hate the husband so much -.-’

On death penalty, the movie “The Life of David Gale” was really great !

For this drama, the story is more complex than we thought at first. It’s really interesting.

THe husband I dont like him too. But I think he try to protect his daughter too but he just took the wrong way… But yes…it’s a jerk !

I know that every parent wants to protect his child but here I just see a father who doesn’t want to take responsibility for anything and treats the mother of his child like a crazy women. He doesn’t believe his wife and makes his daughter suffer. When you look at how he treated the women who was pregnant with his child. Without any words. But well its always the women right ? Not like you did something to make her preggo lol.

Ahhh really ? I’m gonna watch that movie then. I am really interested in death penalty could read and talk about it anytime

Episode 14 is so going to kill me
I am watching it even tho just half of it is subbed annd I am crying already.

Spoiler :

She was not kidnapped !!! It shocked me a lot ! The Daddy has a lot of secrets…

Yeah I just got to that point. I swear I have such a headache right now. What the hell is going on ??? Woaah I would slap that father like aaahhhh her slap was just pitiful. I wanted to slap the grandma too -.-’
Rlly this drama T-T
Omggg the ex boyfriend I hope he won’t die pllsss :frowning:

WOW WOW and WOW LOL my one of many MAY be the killer but who knows it could still be someone else!!! But seriously why even threaten the dude as soon as he had the evidence should been brought to the media right away and NONE of this would of happened…for a Lawyer this man is not so bright…and the end of 14 god how do you choose who gets to live and who gets to die…

I knoww !!! Omg

There r just 2 episodes left right ?? Well this was what I thought at the end of episode 14

Btww I can’t believe that there r ppl who hate SB ??? Nothing started because of her. She is just a little innocent kid who was kidnapped as a fu** result -.-’’

Btw never named that creepy secretary because I thought it would be too obvious. I was fooled haha they took the easy way