~ God's Gift ~

Poor Dong Chan… She asked him to choose between her daughter and his brother. But he is surely going to find a solution to save the both.

I don’t really understand why the father let everyone believe his daughter has been kidnapped. It helps the bad guy who wants the death of the Dong Chan’s Hyung, his wife is completely scared and a little bit mad and it doesn’t protect SB.

I called creepy Secretary when he first made he’s appearance all I remember is he was wearing a tie and I thought he was the Chang Bong?? char who was killing women cuz his eyes and lips looked the same but he just looked like a bad guy!! But it still might not be him he could be covering up after the President or his son who knows as long as it’s NOT DC I would of FLIPPED
And about the SB haters like seriously have they been watching the show at ALL or just tuned in to give the comments from the Peanut Gallery…in no way is any of this SB fault sure she’s a naive little girl that does stupid things at times but honestly who didn’t at that age??? and she’s smarter than most of us out there in most incidents…she just a child that still trust adults too much but is losing her innocence day by day as the adults in her world show their true inhuman colours.
SB father is just an idiot he doesn’t have one redeem quality about him and he’s suppose to be one of the good guys…All and all I think the mom has held out pretty good if that was my kid I would of crazy glued her to me or place hand cuffs on us so she couldn’t be separated locked away in a cell for 14 days with food and water…so personally I think she’s done pretty good!!! LMFAO good thing I don’t have kids eh???

Agree with everything !!
What do you think about the ex boyfriend ?

Btww the creepy secretary is a funny magazine boss in a witch’s romance. Try that one out if you didn’t yet. I really like the drama so far. There r just 2 episodes yet but I am sure you will like it mellie !!

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Well he has a longgggggggggggggggggggg way to go before he can find redemption he’s on the right path but he has committed an untold amount of crimes that have lead to innocents losing their lives…I’m not sure if he can truly make up for what he did even if he tries for the rest of his life since it was all over an accident which sureeeeee he would of got written up on but that would of been IT a desk job for a month or two and than back where he was so to go to the extreme he did just doesn’t cut it for me.

OMG!! I LOVE A Witch’s Romance I was going to recommend it later after I write my exam coughs which of course I’m studying for right now…

I know I hated him for sure but that beating him to death scene with that background and song I cried a river.

Yeaa I am sure you loved the last scene of episode 2 ! :smiley:
Well I watched it twice ^^

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Also I am watching gapdong right now @melliebean_2
When you watched it tell me !

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I’m not a fan of the ex-boyfriend too. What he did to Dong Chan is really awful. The poor condamned his brother and thought he shot his nephew and this time the ex-boyfriend was happy to make his Daddy proud of him. The scene where he was beating, was sad but he wasn’t brave enough to say the truth to Dong Chan.

PS: I love TVN for their kiss scenes ! I know that this cutie had a potential because of the MV of Bang Yong Guk (the leader of BAP) “I remember”.

Well agree to that but I couldn’t do anything but to cry… maybe I am to kindhearted… no matter what someone did they don’t deserve to die… especially not that way. It’s better if he would have been sent to prison.

Sorry I couldn’t figure out what " TVN" means

tvN actually. The network.

Yeah he doesn’t deserve to be beaten to death I agree LOL 1 for the simple fact that’s letting him off too easy…and 2 no one deserves that no matter what welllllllllll unless it was to torture someone to find out where your child or loved one is than I might be tempted to say that was okay…but not for his role in all this he needs to redeem himself by helping out others and making a difference in the World and dying just won’t accomplish that :’(

That one is on my list I’ll probably be checking it out in the next 10 mins!! :smile:

Yeah I agree it’s a cop out LOL no pun intended!! Instead of manning up and telling the truth he’d rather face death. That’s how I took that as anyway because jumping into a fight you don’t have a hope in hell of winning is just stupid and pointless what did it prove??? I do hope he some how survives as far as I understood it he got thrown from the car and was in critical condition?? Did I miss that he died??? :open_mouth:

No he didn’t die yet… at least that’s what I could follow through that episode 0.o

I waited til it was 100% subbed since I was actually studying!! :stuck_out_tongue: and watched this morning coughs when I should of still been studying…

Well I watched half subbed and I am too lazy to watch again :smiley:

They took him at the hospital, so we hope he’s alive.

We hope T-T

I thought I was the only one who cried at that scene. I wasn’t feeling him from the first second he appeared and asked her out for coffee. I just knew something was a bit off about him but I certainly didn’t want to see him get beaten to an inch of his life left. First, death is getting off way to easy for the wrong he done. I just need to see him behind some bars after Dong Chan gets a taste of him. That was my dream punishment.

I definitely hope he doesn’t die:(

Noooo I cried a river for him. I swear that scene that music. It was too much for me haha

OMG!!! How will they come to a decision? I hope they devise a plan that gets them both what they want.