Guideline for closed captioning?

Hi all, I’m new here.

Is there a guideline that was designed for “closed captioning”? I can only find the one for subtitling. It suggests to leave a segment blank if there is no words spoken. But I believe that the special sound effects, such as " phone rings" “sobbing” are important for the closed captioning. Any advice appreciated !

Hmmm, you should definitely put that in when captioning. But how does that relate to the global number of segments and to the “normal” subbing, I don’t know.

Any segmenters out there to explain? Is captioning option separate in segments from the subbing?

We talked about this in my Christmas list, called mini-mode blah blah blah:

Vikians told me that a group of German hearing impaired and viki company tried to make something work but it was inadequate.
NO we cannot save more than one pair of segments, and thus unfortunately it is for “hearing people” and we do not caption things like dogs barking! or phone ringing! as of now…

However… Channel Moderator is boss so if your boss is ok and wants to do it! Go for it! (but be sure to ask him/her first)