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hi there,
I wanna ask if someone can explain to me how to segment series. Or who I have to contact. If someone knows how can you please reply to me?

thank you and have a nice day, night or morning

You can only do segmenting for new/on air dramas.if you want to segment for a drama you Can contact the channel manager or chief segmentor of that project .you can contact them on the subtitle team tab of a drama.
And they only recruit ninja academy or seg101 graduates or the ones who have prior experience with segmenting.

thanks for your respond !!

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There is a very long waiting list so you’d better apply ASAP. :slight_smile:

When you graduate from there, they can help you find shows to get experience.

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Do I have to pay or something like that?
thank you

No its free driven by volunteers its been a month and half since i applied, i heard that it is taking 8 months to get into the program. Volunteers who applied in September 2020 are now learning.

ok thank you. And can you maybe help me with subtitling. like how can I found a “group” and things like that?

oh and can I cancel myself when i haven’t time?

You should contact german moderator for a show you like to work on as you are a german subber all the subbing and segging team are in one place. If there is no moderator contact the channel manager. Click on the subtitle team tab.

The waiting times vary, but it always takes at least some months. I applied in January and by now there are still 583 people waiting before me.

Into which language would you like to subtitle?

where can I find a germand moderator?

I can sub in German

Screenshot_20210505-182009_Chrome Screenshot_20210505-181958_Chrome

This is an example of a show in the moderators section you can search for you language moderator. You can search the moderator of a show you are interested in.

thank you a lot

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@mirjam_465 its 8 months see,
like the ones applied in September means its 7-8 months

One of the Senseis once mentioned that the exact time is not always the same. It depends on the period of the year how busy it is, and how many applicants there are.

If there is a certain show you’d like to work on, you can ask the German Moderator of that show, but you can also just ask some German Moderators if they have any shows where you could help out. They might have some unfinished old show where you can gain experience.

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You can also post in this thread to let people know you are available:

And just don’t give up. Are you not accepted into one show? Does a Moderator not reply? Just keep your head up and move on to the next. You will get there. :slight_smile:


Oh ok i got to know from a person who just got into the program,she told me that she waited for 8 months.

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S/he already posted on that thread so i explained the process

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