History around the world


That is something up to the child to decide or maybe his/her family because Hinduism is a religion and American is a citizenship.

That is exactly something like; if I, a Hindu and an Indian, married a Buddhist and a Japanese, the child will naturally know what Hinduism is and what Buddhism is. Moreover, he’ll be free to speak two languages naturally, Hindi and Japanese and let’s count English as well because the Hindi speaking mom and Japanese speaking dad will need a language to communicate, so the child will pick up English as, if not a native language but a natural language, speaking since childhood.
And, if we emigrate to Korea for example when the child is just 2or 3, he’ll speak Korean naturally as well because that’s the language spoken around him most of the time. Being in Korea will make him comfortable to Christianity as well.

I guess that’s the case with Anne Frank as well, but her parents were both Jews so the situation is less complicated than the one I stated.


so, my ancestory were German,Scots, Irish, and all inbetween , wow that would be a mouthful to say.
so where you , just you , were born is the key, you were born… but now an American citizen, I think I would tag it with being an American citizen,

she was born in… be it her religion or not, she was taken to… but she is still German born, and lived in another country,being she was Jewish or not, an please I am not knocking jewish religion.

the people that have come to america, from their countries, whatever country, they say I am an american citizen, born in… but when the children are born here, way I understand it, they are American citizens, catholic, Jew, Hindu, Muslum and so on…

gosh I hope I got this right and not confused you… and doesn’t that say the same thing in your different countries?


I think for America (, Australia, New Zealand, etc. …) it’s already a bit different cause it’s an immigration country to begin with.

Anne Frank is kind of a special case here. She was born in Germany, but lived most of her life in The Netherlands. As a Jew she wasn’t welcome in Germany anymore, so she lost her German citizenship. But by the time that happened there was a war going on and she eventually died during that same war, so she never got a chance to get Dutch citizenship. Had she survived, she might have gotten it eventually. Now she ended up without a nationality.

Btw, a girl I knew when I was living in Finland, considered herself to be Italian, even though she lived in Germany and as far as I remember was even born there. She didn’t have a German passport either. But, unlike Anne Frank, she wasn’t a fugitive. I don’t know why her parents migrated, but in their hearts they were still proud to be Italian, yet happily making a life in Germany. For Anne Frank the situation was totally different.

Btw, you can also officially have two nationalities, though some countries (South-Korea for example) don’t allow this and in those cases you have to choose. But no matter what’s your official nationality, in your heart you can still feel one way or the other.
A Pakistani friend who married a Finnish woman had to give up his Pakistani citizenship to become a full Finnish citizen. Yet, as he told me, in his heart he will always be a Pakistani.

So I guess we could say there’s the official nationality, determined by circumstances and official agencies, but there’s also the nationality you feel in your heart.


And how :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
History building <-- meine eigentlich Altertümliche Gebäude :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin: = ancient buildings
Thank you @lutra :hugs::slight_smile:
It is remarkable, To create such buildings, At a time when it was actually not feasible…
And people… That at a time, Were so big, For both positive and negative…
All of this has made us a little bit what we are today :slight_smile:


ancient buildings


is it kind of wrong to share youtube links?

reason is I watched something today in what we are talking about, not just Anna, but other places and all/ so just wondering if we could or not.

ancient buildings is right, theres a coloume that hangs from the ceiling and doesn’t touch the ground, the guides show others, by sliding a piece of paper under it. . thats just one. a new discovery of an ancient building under the sands. . awesome stuff!


Does anyone know if this is true, That must have been over 20 years ago… I was told about a building, Who wants to visit it There are scrolls, Where your own life is written, From the beginning to the end??


I have no idea. Do you remember in which country this building is supposed to be?

Here some history of The Netherlands (and Belgium):


Nein leider nicht :grin: ich glaube auch nicht, das es von mir eine Schriftrolle geben wird, weil ich wohl nie dieses Gebäude besuchen werde :sweat_smile:

No, unfortunately not :grin: I also don’t think there will be a scroll from me, because I will probably never visit this building :sweat_smile:


I take it you don’t mean a literal building in this world? It sounds like you’re talking about the Akashic records?


I know I am not going to be able to read in one sitting, but to be sure I will read those, I guess wikipedia search.


I mean a building, You have to go there, It is predetermined… And there you get your own scroll, It’s hard to believe…

I have googled :grin:
Scroll of life… Palmblattbibliothek in Indien :flushed:
I still don’t know, To what extent it is true…
It is scary and interesting :neutral_face:


It’s hard to believe because that can’t be real. How will they know the end in the scroll if we are not dead yet? I goggled it, too. Kind of interesting to see if this building is real in this world.


I just watched some fantastic footage , no0 documentaries of different countries. what an eye opener!!
no you have to go there yourself, not sure of putting link on here



If is a link of a documentary about history it’s fine to add here. I’m curious now.



I doubt if such a building could exist as the Akashic records is a metaphysical concept that everything, all events of history and the thoughts, emotions and actions of every person that ever lived are recorded in an astral plane of some sort.
But were such a building to exist with actual books and scrolls, I’m sure FrustratedWriter would have hightailed over there, kicked down their doors and wreak havoc at the recordings of every historical person that there ever was.



I found this article when I googled Palmblattbibliothek in Indien It seems like is palm reading, and you do enter a building, they give you some number of the book (scroll) you should read, and that will tell you what will happen in your life past, present and future. They warn some people can use this to charge a lot money. Interesting what happens all over the world and we sometimes know so little about that.


It’s not palm reading as in hand reading. Palmblatt means palm leaf, the material the scroll is made of.



I hate translators it doesn’t make a clear translation, so I understood they use the palm trees to ‘‘read them’’ and give you the number that shows in the palm leaf, then they give you these numbers of the book you should read about your past, present and future.

Did you read it? Can you explain how it works? thanks!