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Du meinst die Akasha Chronik.

Sie existiert aber in der geistigen Welt, nicht in der materiellen auf der Erde. Ein Channelmedium würde als Mittler dienen, um aufzuschreiben, was dort geschrieben steht. Es ist jedoch so, dass es immer Variablen in jedem Lebensplan gibt und deshalb, selbst wenn du dir zu einem Zeitpunkt deine Akasha Chronik geben ließest, es nur eine Momentaufnahme ist, weil ein Mensch einen freien Willen besitzt (bis zu einem gewissen Grad) und auch das Umfeld (mit)entscheidet, was wiederum das eigene Leben beeinflußt.

Vor ihrer Zerstörung waren in der Bibliothek von Alexandria nahezu alle Schriften des damaligen Wissens/Philosophie gesammelt; im Gegensatz zur Akasha Chronik existierte die Bibliothek von Alexandria jedoch physisch.


Hier kannst du noch was zur Entstehung bzw. Zeitraum des Konzepts lesen; das Konzept ist schon älter, nur nannte man es nicht immer so wie heute:


Ah, I see where an actual building comes into play. The same is believed of the Akashic being able to be ‘read’ by psychics. As it’s supposed to record everything in the minutest details, a psychic is supposed to be able to read your or anyone else’s record including past lives, current and future events etc. Being written in some non earthly plane it was interpreted by ancient mystics and psychics by what they knew for recording things, scrolls, whereas a modern psychic would understand it as a library, a building (not physical) with an infinite number of books. Who knows, a psychic in the future might interpret the records as some sort of 3D holographic projection when there are hardly any printed books anymore.
There must have been some wild parties some 5000 years ago in India for the ancient civilisations to come up with these fascinating beliefs, certainly a lot more interesting that praying to a deity for some rain.


So much fodder to digest I wasn’t here for some days. There are many interesting things,

those photographies of India are truly Wonderfull, so beautiful with all those colours.

Also I see there was a question about linking videos of YouTube, if this isn’t a restriction of the rakuten viki id say go on posting these.

That about the palm leaf library seem to me a bit to mystical to me, but that could be my believes that none knows your life story better to tell then yourself but there are indeed things that are hard to explain, that you can find in this world, so I keep an open mind.


Oh anyone interested at Mesopotamia lore?


This line just reminds me of a fictional novel (mix of fantasy and scifi - probably inspired by such real world concepts but the story itself is created by the author):


Okay, so the litteral translation of Palmblattbibliothek is “Palm leaf library”. There are 12 palm leaf libraries in the world, located in India, Myanmar and Bali. By now even some Germans own palm leafs.

The palm leafs were originally written around 5000 BCE in Sanskrit or Old-Tamil.

The texts on the palm leafs are not written, but incised. After that every letter was filled with soot or some other coloring stuff to make it readable.

Because of the brittleness of the palm leafs they were rewritten every 500-800 years, so that no information was lost.

The palm leafs are supposed to reveal content about your past and future, but also knowledge about your health and partnership.

You can visit one of the palm leaf libraries to get a palm leaf reading. But nowadays you can also get them through Skype.

Depending on where you get your palm leaf reading, there are some minor differences in the procedure.
A Nadi-reader or priest for example would go through the palm leaf reading with you and ask you questions about your name and date of birth and lets you name a number. That way he finds your personal palm leaf in the library.

The total reading lasts about an hour and you can also ask questions.

At the end of the reading you receive a personal mantra to help you through difficult times.

Normally a reading is free or costs only a donation. But of course you might run into a con-artist who tries to let you pay a lot.

The palm leaf should give you concrete information about your life, but there are also palm leaves which tell about world events.

At the reading you get information about your past and your former life.
They confront you with potential future events.
They tell you about your hidden talents and character.
You get information about your health, love life and family.
For 2019 the palm leaves predicted a bad decease, political crisis and severe climate change effects.


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wow so interesting, and like gaby said is kind of scary and interesting at the same time but I rather not know …:worried:
My past, present or future.

Thank you so much for going through the trouble of explaining all this in such a short but detailed way. You covered everything.:hugs:


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
Yeah, it’s quite mysterious. As for future predictions … I think it’s more that they tell you what is probably going to happen if you go on the way you are right now. In the meantime anything can happen. You can make different choices, other people can (unwittingly) do things that have an effect on your life, etc., so I guess that part is more of a guidance.


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Thank you @ninjas_with_onions, @Sonmachinima @mirjam_465 For the explanations :slight_smile: :kissing_heart:
It is extremely interesting, And how long they have existed… I’m lost for words, To talk about such old things :sweat_smile:

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Now, since we have talked about so many things… How about sharing the superstitions in your country?

I desperately want to know what sort of superstitions are there around the world!


Are superstitions really history related? I would think that would be a different topic. @faywartune_545 Would you think kaorikazehaya should open a new thread?


ah yes I wanted to ask actually if we should perhaps make a folklore tread thats another thing thats very intressting. Superstition could fit in there since it is sort of folklore related. should I open a folklore discus like folklore around the world?


I found this very inetresting documentation about chinas first emperor:

Its that king that had the terracotta army done.

another great documentation


Dragon Emperor, huh? So this isn’t all fantasy …:



I tried to watch that but…Its kind of cheap.


Lol … I’m translating it.


You know Chinese? Im still learning, but slow. I still cant read and write kanji and what’s funny in my country they do feature Chinese language course but it cost nearly 1000 sfr. which I find very ridiculous for 6 lessons. So I only got YouTube to study but that girl that I learn from is cool she makes short and detailed clips of different words with examples.


Folklores are as interesting as history!
My dad once bought me a Tell Me Why edition of folklores.
I might still have it somewhere among used books.

There was an African Folklore about how people die. I really vaguely remember but the story was interesting.