Hottie of the week


I’m going to change a little bit this poll, until now I was just with the k-hotties so I’m going to try with the Chinese actors. It was kind of hard because they are really young and I didn’t feel good having these really young boys in here hahaha (for some reason).
I hope you know them haha

  1. Xu Kai Cheng

  1. Tang Xiao Tian


  1. Yang Yang

  • Xu Kai Cheng
  • Tang Xiao Tai
  • Yang Yang

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It’s a tough one.


I’m still thinking about it!


It’s between my boy from Pet in Dali Temple - Xu Kai Cheng and Yang Yang for me! I like Daddi but he’s not my type really but I love him in My Little Happiness.

I could watch Xu Kai Cheng walk around in that historical costume all day everyday and being stoic and protective!


I like the three of them :disappointed_relieved: But I’m going to try to make a choice


I’m ready for my new poll!!! I know I always bug - I bug you!

Primo Gif


I’m not sure if you’re going to like the poll I’m thinking of, but let’s see!


I just finished Miss the Dragon and I can’t avoid thinking about Eternal Love (the three of them).
So, I was thinking about the ML and I’m curious to see what’s your favorite. I’m trying to decide between two of them!!!

  1. Ye Hua, “Eternal Love” (Mark Chao)


  1. Dong Hua, “Three Lives, three worlds, the pillow book” (Vengo Gao)


  1. Jiu Cheng, “Love and Destiny” (Chang Chen)



  • Ye Hua
  • Dong Hua
  • Jiu Chen

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I don’t know any of these guys so I guess I can’t vote :sob:

Per looks I lean toward #1
OK #2 is pretty much a Hottie!


This was a tough one that I had to think on. I haven’t seen the second one, but I’ve seen that actor in other things and liked him. As far as these three, though, I think I liked the character role of the 3rd best, but I prefer the actor from the original Eternal Love.


#2 is really a hottie, and I love his character in that show. But I love #1 so I’m deciding!!


Even though #1 stole the FL’s eyeballs in Eternal Love, I still voted for him. I am not familiar with the other two Hotties.





Oo Marc Chao! of course! :joy:


Someone needs to tell Chewbacca we weren’t talking about him. lol


Xu Kai Cheng has a twinkle when he smiles. A twinkle and a smile will always catch my eye. :upside_down_face:


That was just horrible, and I can’t understand how the FL just abandoned her kid. But I like their love since all the other things are explained as tribulation hehe.
If you enjoy that show you should watch the second one!!


Swoon Worthy @natyh


He’s so gorgeous!


How can he be so sexy and cute at the same time?