Hottie of the week




No Idea No Idea At All


Ye Hua wins, I was waiting to see Dong Hua’s popularity but it’s not as I think hehe


The poll for this week, I think that everyone will be struggling with this one!

Park Min Young’s couple!!! hahaha

  1. Park Seo Joon (What’s wrong with secretary Kim)

  2. Kim Jae Wook (Her private life)

  3. Ji Chang Wook (Healer)

Let’s see!

  • Park Seo Joon
  • Kim Jae Wook
  • Ji Chang Wook

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I have not watched Healer yet so I don’t know if I should answer - Right now I loved HPL - her chemistry with Kim Jae Wook but What about PMY chemistry with KangJoonie in Where the Weather is Fine! Aw she is so good with all her leading men.


Wow, I completely forgot about that one and I loved that show!!!
You definitively need to watch Healer, since you love Wookie that much, I think that you may like it!


Not a struggle for me. Healer is hands down my favorite PMY role, and, well, it’s Wookie. (Not that I didn’t also enjoy the other ones) If KangJoon and ‘I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Fine’ was included, I would have had a bigger dilemma.


I think I will vote for Healer because I know that I will love it - it is Wookie - I mean I know I will love it - that is why I have been saving it.


Wookie is so darn cute in Healer, and then he’s over the top sexy. I love Healer.


When is he NOT RIGHT!


Way over the top sexy in Healer!


Totally agree with you!



I’m getting the squirrel look for HEALER


I love this song!! and this video haha



I’m Heartless


Dang it if it isn’t going to be ‘Healer’ that makes me break down and purchase a Viki pass once and for all. I’m dying to see it again. (It used to be free content)


I say just do it! It opens up more of my recommendations and WOK OF LOVE - my friend! JUNHO


You really should just grab a blanket, snuggle in and watch Healer

It’s got some good kisses
He gets all dolled up
Ok, I’d better stop, now I want to watch it again. lol


Who would not want a snuggle of Wookie!!!


I’m trying to convince you! hahaha





He’s just really a snuggle bug once they reach that point.