Hottie of the week


Totally!!! But I loved that!


Oh, me too! One of the many reasons I love that drama, and that couple, so much.


I love this part, when he’s wondering if it’s a dream or it’s real


Back hugs are the BEST! I swear how does PMY not fall in love with all these guys
Kim Jae Wook
One lucky girl - I would be hopelessly crushing!


We’ve got some serious peer pressure going here, but at our age it’s not drugs it’s Kdrama. lol
Watch Healer, it’s amazing.


I am hanging with Marcus Chang at the moment - Finishing Lost Romance! I will put that one next - I am just dying for another Wookie!!!

I’m actually going to be missing you guys and kdrama soon! For a good little while! I need to do some bingeing this weekend.


Good morning!! I have a new poll, but let’s change things a little bit!
This week I’m coming with something different: Best bromance poll!!!

  1. Goblin


  1. Descendants of the sun


  1. W: two worlds


  1. Oh My Venus



  • Goblin
  • Descendants of the sun
  • W: two worlds
  • Oh my venus

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Oh, that’s dirty. :rofl: How could you pick such amazing bromances, how am I supposed to choose?


I was thinking about what should be the next topic and it comes to my mind!
That’s the moment when you realize you have watched a lot of shows!!


It’s Goblin all the way for me. Best ever bromance (IMO).


I love the bromance in Goblin but the one in Descendants of the sun is more real. They’re best friends and they take care of each other.
In Goblin,

I can’t forget that the king killed the general.


This photo almost made me change my mind: :heart_eyes:


Re: Goblin. Yes, when Kim Shin (Goblin) discovered that the Grim Reaper had been responsible for his death, there was an understandable amount of anger and bitterness on the part of the Goblin. The Grim Reaper really felt intense remorse and shame for what he had done to the Goblin (and his wife, Goblin’s sister) in his past life. The fact that the Goblin was able to forgive the Grim Reaper and both of them work to rebuild their relationship made this bromance so special to me. I won’t deny that the other dramas had true bromances, but this one really pulled at my heartstrings. To forgive something like that goes above and beyond (IMO).


I also loved Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s not EVEN a choice. GOBLIN Bromance for me trumps the Romance- beautiful


Yessssssss definitely


You know that is exactly why I love Goblin - it was the Bromance and the relationship between those two! Aw, Gives me Chills! I tried to tell someone about it yesterday and it made me cry. The scene where Goblin in today time walks up the temple steps to Grim Reaper and puts his hand around his neck because he knows - but all the love is still there and the respect and the friendship - everything just melts away - ok I’m crying I have to go now!!!

Where you be??? Do you want me to do a poll this week while you are out???


Yes please, I had a couple of personal situations that make me be away from everything. I’m back but yes, feel free to do the poll this week while I’m completely back hehe.


Ok - Who did It Best - Best Kiss! **
Out of OUR FANTASY FAVS :purple_heart:

Tale of the Nine Tailed

Water God

My Love From The Stars

    • Goblin
    • Foxy
    • Water God
    • Doom
    • Alien

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Gonna be a hard one for me! Thanks for letting me fill in! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


No, you can’t do this to me!!!