Hottie of the week


I purposefully didn’t put Wookie or DO or anyone not fantasy in there because Wookie is too easy!!! hahahahahaha! It took me a while to figure this one out!!! I don’t know who to pick either - I love them all!



AAAGHH! You make it so DIFFICULT!

The funniest was Goblin but the best bromance was Descendants of the Sun.

Gawd! Those two in Goblin made me laugh so hard my face and sides hurt from laughing so hard! That phone bit! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grin: :rofl:


I love them!!



No One has Voted for Best Fantasy Kiss! :kiss:


I have to think about it!!! It’s difficult! haha


two choices

Either best kiss with the actress or
Who you would kiss…hahahahahaha! Does that make it easier?


I don’t know about this one. I’ve only watched 2 of those dramas, so I don’t know what to base my decision on. Maybe I just have to pick one based only on the GIFs.


You need to see ALL of these - I know your Pass - But Palli Palli - Quickly


If I’m being honest, (and at the risk of losing my Viki friends) I have my personal irrational and/or petty reasons (that I will not elaborate on) for not wanting to watch any of the remaining three dramas of the poll. So I will also make up my own criteria on which to vote. LOL


I’m not sure which ones you have seen - I hope Goblin is one!

I’m am leaning right now with Foxy and Doom - I love Goblin but yowsers this one is hard.


No, not Goblin, sorry. I have seen Water God and My Love From the Star.


I don’t think I can vote in this one. I would honestly want to kiss all of them. I’m gonna abstain from voting.



I finally made my vote, and I decided to go with highest degree of difficulty. :blush:


Not really hahahaha


Yes, all of them are pretty good dramas.
I love them all!!


More bromance from Goblin~



We ALL want to kiss all of them - Come on Make a Choice!!! - You can do it!
I didn’t think it would be THAT hard!


Who do you think I lean towards??? HMMMMMMM…


Ok, it wasn’t easy but I try to consider all haha
And Goblin wins for me because it was a really cute moment, I remember the whole scene.
I had a hard time because I love all those kisses but I’m still with Goblin hehe


I agree that it was so PRECIOUS - the actual one they did not air was even better -

I’m leaning DOOM and Lee Dong Wook though for the actual kiss factor - Those guys can kiss!!! And I know SIGgie really kissed her in that scene! Ugh! I love the rain

Hard decisions - decisions!