How do I find people's profiles on Viki?


There are some people I’d like to follow so I can see which projects they’re intending to work on, and offer to be part of them. Also to learn a bit from how they do their work. I can’t figure out a way to look for people on the site, though. Is there a way to do it?

(Not this discussions site, but the main one, where we have our profiles).


Hee hee… this is top-secret :joy:
Go to your Viki profile.

Change your username to the one you want in the URL box

Found you!


Oohh - thanks!


She @vivi_1485 is really good, Knows her stuff, and is nice enough to share her knowledge of things. She deserves the credit.
[In case you don’t know this part]
Don’t forget once you get to the profile page in order to ‘‘follow them’’ you must click (+) on the cross (next to the envelope and flag)
The cross will become a check mark. image


…Lol! :joy: