How do I know if my work is watched?

Is there a way to see statistics how many people actually watch the shows in certain language I’m subtitling into? Or at least in general, how many users watch any show on Viki in certain language? I’m just curious if my work is ever watched :slight_smile:


I don’t know about statistics but awhile back someone contacted me and told me they appreciated my translations in a series. I sometimes wondered if anyone one was reading but now I know that there’s at least on person out there that likes what I’m doing. There’s probably more people than you think reading your subtitles.


These statistics belong to Viki but it would be nice if they could make it public. Comments are the only way to see if your work is watched. You can sometimes find thanks for a language team.


If somebody would be so kind as to paste the link of the old Viki here…

The old Viki website has a function where it shows most popular dramas which you can sort by subtitle language.


You mean this link?


Ah, yezzz… So pretty :star_struck:

But it shows the dramas that are subbed in a certain language, not necessarily the dramas that are being watched in that language

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It shows popularity in your region/country. If filtered by subtitles, it gives a better approximation which of those dramas are watched in the native language (as opposed to filtered out dramas in English only). It’s also more reliable for completed projects than uncompleted. It gives you some sort of indication on the viewership.