How long does the fast subtitle take to complete?

Well, [quote=“bozoli, post:20, topic:14186”]
I generalized, saying fast subs usually mean lower quality, which I never should have done in the first place. It’s just my prejudice, which unfortunately came from experience.

I do agree that most of the time, very fast subs by a non professional translator/speed typist can mean sloppiness.

I am one who does this and I felt hurt by your comment.
“Proudly” announcing one is finished is not necessarily to boast: it is to notify the CM that one more language is done. And it is not synonymous with sloppy work.

Unless you do SPANISH subtitles (which I doubt), my comment can apply to you, for I was very clearly speaking throughout my response to BOZOLI in regards to some spanish subbers that to this day do fast terrible spanish subs bc they still use some form of translators for their spanish subs. Since I don’t know if you do know spanish and/or make spanish subs, nor I have ever seen your subs (unless you were the one who made those terrible subs in The Legend of the Blue Sea), then I can understand where you’re coming from and why you feel hurt. Otherwise, your comment makes absolutely no sense to me.

But I still stand on my ground, no matter how fast you are requested to do your work, our priority should always be to provide the best we can as a subber, to finish fast should not be our priority but to give the best we can and should do–’’. A simple request to the Moderator I need more time should suffice unless you will take unreasonable 3 to 6 hours wait yikes! Btw, I can NOT refer to any other language, since I only know 2/ ENGLISH and SPANISH ( not perfect but good enough in my opinion) Personally, if I had to use any form of translator to give subs, I would never do subtitles, period. Translators never work in any given language bc I see this time and time again happening here when I read the comments from other upset moderators, subbers with japanese, russian, portuguese etc…subtitles.

@irmar… sometimes, I swear I feel you are stalking me. You never have anything nice to say to my comments and you make sure your comments sound like you are the victim of my comments here in ‘‘Discussion.’’ If you want to get offended/hurt that’s your problem, not mine. I didn’t wrote this directed to you bc if I had i would’ve wrote your name clearly there. I would only understand the ‘‘hurt/offense’’ if you wrote those terrible spanish subs in The Legend Blue Sea drama. I know you work there but I have no knowledge of you knowing spanish. I can only advocate for the languages I know to speak, read and write good enough: Spanish and English. Always remember this, I work as a volunteer doing spanish to english subs or vice versa. So if I am criticizing someone and they CAN get offended/hurt are the one’s who do spanish subs (with the use of translators), and do a ‘‘fast’’ half ass job. I am proud of my native spanish language and I hate to see it disrespected by many here when they use translators to get a count so they can get to see free dramas at viki site.

I remember reading this thread back when I was still beginning. It helped me out a lot to understand the process that nobody else, not even Viki, bothered to explain. Thank you :heart:

And I’m heartbroken they closed the “Done with Viki” thread, which was still going strong at the time. That thread was the embodiment of what Viki community represented. Free place to express your frustrations, but also a place where you need to hear the other opinion on the matter. Gosh, I felt like it was such a censorship to lock it.


Although I understand Spanish, I do not know the language enough to write correctly and translate into it. In Blue Sea I’m doing Greek, and I’m 99% sure you don’t know Greek (almost nobody does, except Greeks!). So I knew perfectly well that you weren’t referring to my subtitles per se. But still you mentioned the habit of announcing that one is finished with a negative hue (plus the “proudly” and the exclamation mark), sandwiched between two negative sentences, and that’s what I was replying to.
And of course I’m not stalking you, LOL! I’m just often here in Discussions, and I do reply to whatever subject I find interesting or worth replying to. You’re probably a frequent poster as well, and that’s why you got this impression. I am not aware of always having something negative to say to your posts, and if you say it has been happening in these past couple of days, it must surely be a coincidence.
In discussions, sometimes people disagree on one or two points without it meaning anything more than a simple disagreement, and most people handle it with equanimity.
I am taken aback at your conclusion that I have personal reasons for what I wrote. Maybe you are a bit tired today or stressed because of something totally unrelated to me or viki, I don’t know… Be it as it may, please believe that I have nothing whatsoever against you. (Why on earth should I?)

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bozoli mentioned almost he same thing first and you chose to write to me. I guess there is where my ‘‘beef’’ came from. PEACE my friend …:slight_smile:

How many times people write the same thing in discussion without knowing that someone else wrote about a certain ‘‘title’’ in Discussion? Back in 2013 or 2014 My title was --’‘QUANTITY over QUALITY will never win in the end. I was 100% of the time writing arguing and demanding no use of translators for spanish subtitles. I even had that in 2012 as my main page quote and now I see it all over in many people’s page as ‘’–their’’ quote lmao. (look around and you’ll see). Whether it was you, or me, GOD only knows who did it first bc I deleted my old account and just recently came back to viki site.

Who wrote it first is not important here since your arguments and mine were most likely for far different reasons. I was fighting for respect in my native Spanish language ONLY. The absurdity in the spanish subtitles done by the use of translator was like a stab to my heart. It was that, what drove me to delete my account bc nothing was done about it and I was so frustrated to see this disgusting subtitles splatter in the dramas.

Like I said to @imar PEACE…:slight_smile: Nice to meet you too.

Does anyone know how long to make subtitle or translate subtitle from one language to another language in the drama? How many person to translate that part? How does the subtitle work in Viki?

My apologies to you that your theme was thrown off your subject. Like I said, you can do it!!! Give your best : that is the best we can do in our life with our potentials. Whatever we do in our life always do/give the best we can. GOOD LUCK AND WELCOME!

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great point! thank you!

In what language: korean to english, right? I am amazed with the speed in that drama.

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She didn’t. She wrote a very general thing

[QUOTE] Personally I hate the expression fast subs as it usually means the subs are of lower quality.[/QUOTE] with the word “usually”. And I also replied to that, when she mentioned it again.
While you specifically referred to a habit of mine (very few non-English mods do it) of announcing that an episode is ready in TD.
You are really, really overreacting by having a “beef” for that. You are much too sensitive for nothing, when I assure you there is absolutely no hidden agenda and strange cause.

****beef to me means issue what does beef means to you?

I understand the meaning of the word, don’t worry…

wow that was really fast answer i guess you still around lol.

I’m segmenting, but I have allowed desktop notifications so I see whenever replies to my post.

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ok, I came to write a new topic as to why I work in some dramas but I am never posted as a subtitler. Do you know something about that? I worked as a moderator but that was a very long while ago. I don’t know if they have another list that I can’t see besides the one in the front page. i mean, I do a lot of work in some drama I deserve to be in the page too as a subber. Since you are a moderator in many dramas Can you help me here with any info as to why this happen?

I will appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you…:slight_smile:

There are three places where subtitlers are listed. Two are vieweable by the public and one only by moderators.
The “Manage” page, only viewable by moderators, has a Team tab, where the moderator adds the subtitlers for her language. Once they do that, your subtitler quality shows on your profile, in Contributions. If you sort them by channel role, then you should view the thumbnail of the show with “Subtitler” (or segmenter or moderator or whatever) under it. This is a proof that you have been officially added to the team and you are not a random person who went in to subtitle.
After this, if you make lots of subtitles, you will also appear in the Volunteers page, which the public can view from the show’s main page, when clicking on the team name.
As for the cover page (to which I think you are referring), usually it contains the contributors of the language in which the page is viewed. You know what I mean, right? When you change the content language from the settings on the bottom right corner of any page in viki (there are two of them, a general page language and a content language). If you put it to English, you will see the English cover page, where only the English team is seen in detail and for other languages, only the moderators’ names. But if you change the settings and ask that the contents are in your language, Spanish, then you should see the cover page in Spanish, and the Spanish moderator will probably have added you in the list in the cover page. They are not obliged to mention all the contributors in the cover page, but most of us do it out of courtesy.
So the question is:
Have you tried changing the content language to Spanish, there is a Spanish cover page with other names and you are not in it, maybe because you joined the team after the cover page was made and she forgot to go back and add you? Or the moderator hasn’t put any names at all?

No, I have not change it to Spanish content and it makes so much sense since I do subtitles in Spanish. Thank you very much I have no need to write the new topic since you covered it so well for me and I appreciate that very much. Although I never bothered to ask before because my subtitles do appear in my page and are counted but you can say I was just curious about that.

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But, have you checked? Try first and see if you are there.

ok I will do that now and let you know. Thanks again.

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BTW I find them so distracting. @.@ can people focus?!