How old are you Vikiers?


I’m seventeen next month! There is such a huge age range here, it surprised me at first because I thought there was an age-limit to fangirling :grin: now I’ve been completely reassured that I can keep going crazy over dramas for the rest of my life :joy:


I am 56 years young.:wink: With all the negativity that is prevalent in the news and social media, I am glad to have found this safe haven where I can share not only my love for K-dramas but also linguistic and cultural knowledge with people who are caring and open-minded.


your birth day is in january!! same here my is on 3rd jan :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m just 74 and love these dramas!


I’m 32 and only started watching dramas around a year ago. However, I’ve been into music, comics etc related to East Asia for years now since childhood, so it’s not that sudden. :kissing:


These questions take me by surprise! I keep thinking that my 30th birthday is just around the corner! Actually, I am 25 :wink:


Vivi, I have a daughter just about your age. wow, I’m getting old.

To answer the original question I’m 49. Strangely 49 isn’t bothering me near as much as 38 did.


well, no matter what happens, a fangirl never grows old :grin::wink:


This is an extremely entertaining thread! I’m so glad to have met such a lovely and diverse group of fans. To answer the question, I’m 44, but routinely forget my age and have to do the math in my head. I only remember it easily now because I’ll soon be 45. But every part of me feels young except my metabolism. : )


:smiley: Created by a 14 year old, in 2015! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Isn’t it wonderful! :grinning:!


65 and mostly brain-dead. :scream: My brain fried helping people with their computer problems for too many years.


Sup im 17 bout to be 18, I didn’t ever thing that i would be interested in foreign TV shows.


i am 15 lol and in high school
and i am busy crying about shows, second leads rather crying about an actual boyfriend.


my MAKNAE STATUS IS IN FLAMES NOW :sob::sob: I enjoyed it while it lasted, thank you to all my amazing unnis, ahjummas and ahjussis who took care of me here

@prisha7781_600, welcome, little one! :joy: I’m in the same boat, I think swooning/crying over handsome, perfect, fictional men is a MUCH better option than an actual boyfriend :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Dramaland is my escape zone!

hello there! We’re the same age! Welcome to the community! :smile:


samee i always say this too cause it is actually an escape from reality with happy endings and amazing realtionships andddd ofc the hot main , second leadsss


thank you soo much i hope u take care of me too


dwl :sob::rofl::laughing::sob::joy::rofl:
I was reading in reverse, saw the concerns, so knew what to expect, but it’s still funny as all get out! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Loved the best friends allowed story too, that part saying, nope don’t mind, they do screenings for us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing::joy:


I’m 21 guys ! :blush::blush: But I am really shocked to see granddads and grand moms on viki hahha


just shows that you can’t be too old for Dramaland! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::joy:


Hahah I agree. Dramas are love and I plan to watch them even after becoming old.