How old are you Vikiers?


Hello! I’m 18 years old. Really cool to see so many different ages! :grin: . I started to watch Korean dramas in 2009 with ‘‘Stairway to heaven’’ that I saw in a national channel, in that time I didn’t knew it was a Korean Drama, anyway I think that was a year later that I started to listen K-pop and become more active with the asian dramas.


17, turning 18 in September.


I will celebrate my 50 th birthday this October :smile:
I am an invalidity pensioner because of rheumatism… that’s why I have enough time on my hands to watch all these dramas and now even to contribute as a subber. It’s nice to be able to help other K-drama fans to watch their favourite shows. I am glad that Asian everyday culture now started leaking into our western society. That was unthinkable in the late 70s when I was in my teens. Even today Asian filmproductions are mostly ignored by the West. German subtitles make it possible to introduce these dramas to the people around me.
Viki, fighting!


I’m also 14. Most of the people I work with are minimal 3 years older than I am >.<’


that means you must be 24 :wink:


As for me I have turn 23 recently xd


24 soon… a depressing thought, especially since my bday falls on final exams period so no cake no home just lots of stress and tears… (I’m a university student)
Ah the young ones can always go “Oppa” about the actors\singers, the rest of us need to check first most of the times… >_<


I’m 17! A junior in high school ^^ Nice to meet you


I´m 20, I feel a little old xD
Nice to meet you guys.


I started watching 3 years ago and I am 55.


Hi there, I am 23 years old, and I Started Watching after I watched my first Drama, Dramaworld :smiley: And After That, I started Watching and got hooked instantly hehe, thanks Dramaworld o/ nice to meet you all and yes I am from Australia


I’ll be 31 on Tuesday :D. I’m glad to know I’m not the only elder here lol :smiley:


I am a 56 year old special education teacher. My 25 year old daughter got me watching years ago.


Happy Birthday Nienna :birthday:


Hi there! I’m 22 and was also really into Dramaworld! Have you seen Lenny Falls in Love on Youtube? It’s kdrama inspired like Dramaworld and a good replacement for it if you’re still not over it (like me) hahaha.


Ha ha, so many young people into volunteering. That’s heartwarming! I was born in 1958, so I turned 58 a few days ago.
I fell in love with computers in 1998, I am self-taught and have become much more knowledgeable about them than many youngsters I know!
I have been a professional translator for a few decades, but now I’m trying to learn segmenting (thank you, @lacruiser ! I knew you were not that young 'cause young people don’t write lengthy detailed posts) because it’s fun. And…they say that you have to keep learning new stuff to keep Alzheimer away, so it’s doubly good.


Irene how old do you think I am???
I like to write long and detailed posts :smiley:

Happy Belated Birthday!


sophie2you, I know you’re young, haha, you have told us about university exams or something in another post. You are the exception to the short post rule!


I think the length of my post is directly proportional to the feeling I get from the student that they want to learn.


Awww… That was sweet…Going to bed smiling now.