I need Moderators and Segmenter

For My Channel http://www.viki.com/artists/21611c-park-jin-young-jr About **Park Jin young JR **
For All the Lovers Of JJ Project Would you help me Please

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I would like to help being a portuguese moderator :slight_smile:

thank yaa :smiley:


I can help you

Can I be the spanish moderator?? n.n let me know! n.n

i can help with segment & Arabic moderator

Yes You Can

:smiley: When will it start?

when what will Start ?!

i would like to contribute translator for malay moderator

OK I’ll Add you to my team :smiley:

Kumawo…so do you accept me as part in your team? i can start anytime…

Yes You can start From now on

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ok…sure no problem…just give me your order…in sha Allah…i’ll try my best

My Order o__O ?! In Sha allah You’re Muslim ?! :stuck_out_tongue:

yes…i’am muslim :slight_smile:

LOL Nice you can start translate now !

i’m sorry, there is nothing language or wording on “subtitle editor”, probably i need to waiting the Korea Language translation to English finish first. :slight_smile: … i’m still learn for Korea language…hahaha…

When can I start? :slight_smile:

you can start when ever you want ! :smiley:

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