I want to be a subtitlor (Korean-English)

Hello, I am Ella
I want to subtitle some k-drama or k-shows.
I am a native in Koreans, and working as a Kor-Eng translator at multinational company now .


Trot Lovers is looking for Kor-Eng subbers. Would you like to join in?


Hotel King could use some help. Please send a Viki PM to kamkar1 or Beccah if you are interested.
Also Korean variety shows like Star King or Running Man could definitely use more Korean-English translators as well. Please contact the appropriate channel manager if you could help.

Hi, Inspire Now is also looking for Kor-Eng subbers.
But I think you have to send a pm to the moderator.


A Song For You is looking for English subbers.
I’m the manager so contact me if you are interested