Important notes on the new QC program!

Hey Vikians,

As most of you already know, we launched our new QC program earlier this week. We hope the new tiered program will make it easier for our community to receive QC status in a timely manner, and encourage more and more volunteers to join our community.

Since our launch, we have been working hard to work out some of the kinks and bugs in the system, so if something doesn’t look right for your account, please file a support ticket to let us know. :slight_smile:

A few notes and reminders:

  1. Some of you who have just achieved new QC status may not see the benefits immediately. Simply log out and log in again and you should start experiencing the QC benefits for your tier. If not, please file a support ticket.

  2. If you are a QC or Gold QC, you will receive a free Viki Pass subscription for six months. For most of you, we have automatically applied a Viki Pass coupon to your account so that you can immediately start enjoying the Viki Pass benefits. You can check your Viki Pass status by going to your Viki Pass settings page.

  3. However, for a small subset of you who are currently Viki Pass subscribers or used to be Viki Pass subscribers, we cannot automatically apply the six-month Viki Pass coupon for you. Therefore, you should have received your coupon through email earlier this week. If you received the coupon email, you have a few choices:

  4. If you used to have a Viki Pass subscription but currently don’t, you can go ahead and redeem your six-month Viki Pass coupon from your Viki Pass settings page to receive your free six months of Viki Pass.

  5. If you are currently a Viki Pass subscriber, you can cancel your current subscription, and redeem your Viki Pass coupon after your current Viki Pass subscription expires.

  6. Otherwise, you can choose to continue to pay for your Viki Pass subscription, and gift your Viki Pass coupon to a friend, who will receive your free six-months of Viki Pass. We are fine with that. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for being part of the most amazing online TV community! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Product Manager for Web and Community, Viki


Viki Community Team:
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UPDATE To original Post filed 4 days ago:
Fellow QC’s - Let’s face it – the Viki Pass Settings and QC status pages were not clear four days ago when I posted my extremely irate post on this thread. Since then the viki staff have taken steps to resolve one-by-one the problems which I and other QC’s raised in the thread. Some of the problems have already been resolved and others are still being worked on. I have therefore revised my post so that I won’t be adding confusion to people who may read this thread, look at their profile page’s Viki Pass Settings page and QC Status page and say “What on earth is she talking about?”

Original Post:

I am a Gold QC member. I checked my “Viki Pass Settings” and it says my viki pass subscription will end on August 12, 2016. It suggested that I could pay $49.99 per year. I am astounded and very irate. I contribute 300 to 500 subtitles and segments nearly EVERY day of the year. I both edit and subtitle from raw Korean. (Yes. I have very little life outside of viki).

This has been revised on the Viki Pass Settings to clearly state that my viki pass is good for six months from July 12, 2016.

Original Post:
Are you really going to automatically take away my Viki Pass status if I don’t take the conscious step of renewing? Why haven’t you automated the viki pass renewal for the QCs who make the 500 contributions every six months?
**This problem was resolved also by the Viki Pass settings page stating my viki pass is good for six months from July 12, 2016. **

Original Post:
I really don’t understand the nonsense about canceling and then redeeming the coupon. My point is why should any current QC have to do anything other than continue to contribute??
It has been explained that the part of the “important note” about canceling ones Viki Pass and then using the coupon, etc. was directed at viki members who are paid Viki Pass members who have made enough contributions to become QC’s (and therefore free Viki Pass members).

Since writing the post I have learned about some other problems in the automation and computation of QC contributions such as the contribution count showing a negative number (which was resolved) – some have already been resolved and others are being worked on by the viki staff .


I’m not fooling with it. If they want me to have the access as a tiny reward for what I do on Viki then they should deal with it. I too wouldn’t have known about the Aug. 12 coupon BS had I not stumbled across this post. I, like you, have enough to deal with training students in the segmenting Sandbox (over 1500 in the past 2 years to deal with) for which I get no credit for the hundreds of segment adjustments I have to make every month. I don’t have time to work on shows any more so I’m not going to make the 500 in 6 months to maintain the Gold QC level either. So when all of this stops I guess I won’t be working here any more.

And I don’t come anywhere even close to doing as much as you do. They should just give you something for life so you don’t have to fool with any of the BS.


Perhaps what Jonathan says about the viki pass is for those that aren’t qcors and they paid for it so far.
I don’t believe it won’t be renewed automatically for us that contribute a lot in the viki community.
I will ask personally by pming him to clarify it once and for all if he doesn’t answer us here by tomorrow.

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@lacruiser – When you write a comment in the segment with the error in it for a student, you should be credited with writing a subtitle. And later on even if you delete all the segments in the video, I think the system keeps the contribution count for subbing the same on your record. At least that was my experience when either viki staff or I deleted segments in which a plagiarizer copied subs from another site. I would ZAP but the sub still remained on the abuser’s page – so I would ask the viki staff to reduce the count for the abuser.
I don’t know if the same holds true about segments we delete – when I delete all segments on a video so we can re-use it for teaching students, I don’t know if my contribution count drops by 700!!! It doesn’t matter to me if I lose 700 segments once every few weeks when I recycle an old video so new students have a clean slate to work on.


could you send the coupon again…? I don’t remember getting it. I fill in the hard subtitles when the episode is at 95+

Yikes… one of my channels is a VikiPass exclusive and not even in my region. Who in the right mind thought it was a good idea to have volunteers who works for free(!!!) pay 49,99$ to be able to work for free?!

Viki once again forgot who made them so big as they are today and it’s very very upsetting that after all these years they stil treat us like dirt sometimes.

Ohh and please resent that coupon as I didn’t receive it!


as a longtime viki user can you explain why fan channels need to be approved?

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I sent you a pm. Too much to put here. I have way too much discussion to use the subtitle boxes.

@sophie2you Every channel is a fanchannel at first… some remain fanchannels forever and some get licensed.

Well I’m very confused about the program and the coupon thing. I’m a gold QC, and like @cgwm808 they say my viki pass subscription will end on August 12, 2016. So it means we have to “pay” our access every month by a coupon given by Viki? Where can we find this coupon? I just received a mail earlier this week about the QC gold status updated but nothing about coupon before getting in this topic (like many others, I’m not often in the Discussion page).

Can admins explain clearly about this whole program via an official message, not putting a surprise… (Thinks about people who’re spending summer holidays and will come back in August with this wonderful surprise from Viki!)

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I’m pretty confused by this who thing too.

I wrote 1,000 subs within the past few weeks, but my profile says I need to do 500 more before I lose my QC status. While I intend to do over 500 subs within the coming weeks, I can’t help but be confused because just last week, my profile said that my QC status will not expire until January 7th.

I just hope Viki clarifies everything because this whole system is pretty misleading.


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I’m a gold QC too and after reading your comments, I checked my Viki pass and… such a surprise, it will end August 12 like some of you. Why the 12th ? And the coupon, I don’t really understant it. In fact, I understand nothing. Do I wait the 12th ? I’m really curious and quite dumbfounded.


Pareil pour moi avec les 534 222 sous-titres. :frowning:

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Stress, come on !
kobolt, cela me fait penser : j’ai un peu travaillé ce soir. Je me demande ce qu’il restera de ma progression demain…

I’m having this same problem.

@armchairdude The Viki is still testing this new system of renewal of QC?

If it still under test, let us know. ^^

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On looking at the Viki Pass Subscription I notice a couple of things if I take the time to look closely. The information is automated and is like sending a monthly bill for any subscription. The date says July 12-August 12 so I’m assuming this is a monthly bill. I also notice that the coupon offered is already redeemed and the month is 100% paid without me doing anything. I’m hoping that is how it shows on other QCs’ subscriptions. This is just a formality and happens automatically. I’m assuming it will continue to happen each month. But I must say the explanation given was a bit confusing and should have stated things more clearly. It all gotten too complicated.

Other issues about the counting of contributions I don’t understand that either. I also don’t understand why on my profile it says QC only when I’m a Gold QC. I see on other profiles they state Gold QC. I’m hoping this will be fixed soon.

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I checked my subscription page just now and it looks like yours. Coupon applied 100% through August 12th, 2016.

However, when I checked it a yesterday or the day before, there was something else that I don’t see anymore. The renewal date was still set for Aug.12, but there was another coupon for (I believe) a six month renewal, which goes hand in hand with QC benefits.

Which begs the question, @armchairdude Does that mean Viki will now be automatically applying the six month subscription after the billing term? Or are we all going to find ourselves billed five dollars come August?

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I thought I was the only one mad about this and the counter that they add to our profiles, when they said they were going to modify or to do something to qc status I never thought it will be something so sneaky, this is hard to bear, we work as managers, as moderators, and still we need the 500 to show we are working here, what if something happens and I don’t do the 500 subs what if I stop at 400 or my laptop is broken for a month? or I go to the hospital since most people know I am a bit sick so it could happen, here I am with anxiety because my hands have been bad for the past month and I have been doing little contributions subbing, I have been here doing the managers job the English mod job and the Spanish mod job, that means I’ll lose all the work I did on this site my miserable 33000 subs and miserable 9 years of loyalty to this site meant scrap, you didn’t contribute for a month get out!!! Wow! it seems to me that those years of loyalty should have been invested on something else or with that attitude viki is showing that they are part of a big corporation interested only on the bottom line and who cares who is here since there will always be volunteers ready to do what we say… so far away from what our little viikii was, sad how times change.


Hey I didn’t make -2 contributions… how is that possible? I bet it’s because someone deleted 2 segs I made but still I made those contributions so why the minus?!