Important notes on the new QC program!

nice. I had no idea our contributions can go negative. What if a plagarizer comes and subs up 200 subs and then we delete them? does that mean the seggers lose their counts???

We delete segs all the time when we need to combine them. This seems very byzantine.


Deadlines? Deliverables? Negative counts?

I think I need to sit down and do some serious language studying to be able to watch without subs (therefore without the need for a regional pass)


Nice mentioning that. Spy and Tomorrow’s Cantible both region restricted I cannot watch though I am a QC. Does that mean your geo unrestriction really applies just for non-America?
I know the licenses are negotiated but… if it is every show then this unrestriction pass does not apply to your usa qc’s which are A LOT OF PEOPLE last I checked.

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I can’t watch Spy either eventhough I worked so hard on it for weeks (I’m the #1 segger there and I was a Dutch mod). Like 2-3 weeks after it aired we where all kicked out of the project. It was so rude and I’m still very angry thinking about it. I asked Viki multiple times to give me access to it but I was totally ignored of course.


Hello Jonathan,

Would you please clarify the comment that cgwm808 asked? I am sure that her questions are on the lips of a lot of Gold QC and she really has a point.

I think open communication should be the best in Viki Community and, as we all are volunteer on this site, we saved a lot of money for the company, since more than 1 billion lines are translated by all of us - the volunteers. In this context, in order for you to show respect to all volunteers, please tell us if we have to pay to become continue to be volunteers or we should understand that the expiration day (Aug 12th) is automatically prolonged or …

Just give us an answer.

Thank you


This is what my QC status looks like. I don’t have the warning that I should contribute at least 500 contributions. Does that mean I’m safe for the time being?

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Hi everyone -

We are very sorry about the confusion caused by the wording on the Viki Pass Setting page.

Before getting into more detail, I just want to clarify that QCs and Gold QCs GET VIKI PASS ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE FOR 6 MONTHS. The price plans and the renewal date of August 12 does not apply for QCs/Gold QCs.

Your Viki Pass subscription will automatically renew each month for 6 months, so on August 12 it will be renewed for another month and so on. Only users that reach QC status while paying for Viki Pass will have to cancel their subscription and apply their coupon code manually. Otherwise, no action is required on your end.

We are working on fixing the wording on the Viki Pass Settings page to clearly outline that your QC plan is valid for 6 months at no cost :slight_smile: In advance, thanks for bearing with us!

QC’s are required to meet at least 500 combined contributions (segments or subtitles) to renew QC status after 6 months. This is to help ensure that all users who are QCs are active contributors.

Please rest assured that our community continues to be our number one priority. Shall you have any further questions, please contact me or @kristine directly. We will be happy to chat with you!

Once again, we are very sorry for the confusion this caused.



Hey everyone!

As what @anaheli said, we are sorry about all the confusion around the launch of our new QC program. Our intention for launching the new QC program is to make things easier and more transparent for everyone, and it’s definitely not to confuse or mislead the very people (the community) that makes Viki’s possible today. :slight_smile:

That said, I wanted to share with you a couple fixes we rolled out today hopefully to make the messaging less confusing.

Firstly, on your Viki Pass settings page, we have changed the messaging for the coupon to make it explicitly clear that your FREE Viki Pass coupon is effective for six months starting from the date that you became a QC or the date that you manually applied the coupon. Example:

Secondly, on your user profile, if you have already completed your 500 contributions for renewal (as a lot of you already have - THANK YOU!), it will now show you the date when your QC status (and thus Viki Pass subscription) will be renewed for another six months. Example:

Some of you have also reported that you are actually Gold QC, but your user profile is showing QC. Rest assured that we are aware of the problem, and we will be fixing it sometime this week. Likewise with some of you who reported that you have missing segments and subtitles counts that were lost during our program launch last week - don’t worry; we will be back-filling those for you as well.

Again, believe us when we say that having a vibrant and happy community is what defines Viki and keeps us at Viki going. So I just want to thank you again for your patience as we work through these teething issues together.


Thank you for clarifying Jonathan.
Really the only thing that ever keeps us here or coming back is the happiness factor.
It is not necessarily the perks or free things (honestly if you hold any form of job we can buy these things ourselves) but the treatment of our members by the staff. An example would be speedy response to issues including toxic members bullying other users, trolls, and not clear new changes that affect many members. When members comply with the standard regulations, we hope that we also get responses in turn especially when it affects so many of us!
We take pride in being part of a community of integrity and fairness.

Thank you


@icedthy… Maybe to you it is easy, I got the numbers and the gold status even though I am disable and my doctor told me that I wasn’t going to be able to type anymore, at least not in the same way since my hands are pretty bad, still for nine years I have been contributing here, seeing that number rise from 100s to thousands has been a small victory for me and gives me a sense of accomplishment, still it is not done without pain and a bit of suffering, now 9 years later and contributing everyday it is hard to do 5 minutes I still sub though, even more, typing this message was painful, but I am still willing and eager to keep contributing, why, it is only 4.99 a month for vikipass, because I was told I wouldn’t be able and I am beating those odds everyday, that is why… Besides that I love this site, the people the volunteering the chats we have… Maybe if you knew what it is to be in this condition or the day you get a more demanding job then you would be more considerate…


@icedthy No problem, I got excited too… I apologize too.

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@lupita311 No worries; my fault.

somehow I disagree, as Gold QCs have over 20,000 in whatever time they reached it I think it’s a nice Bonus not to require again like 1st tier rush to accumulate your suggested 1,000 to 1,500 subs, many QC are not necessary subbers! Some QC take a break for the sanity (lol).
Although I already have the 500 Im not fond of your suggestion, be happy Viki is nice with us, thanks :).


First off all I exclude all editors, mods and such who’s countless contributions are not always counted.

Why should gold QC work harder to maintain their gold QC status because they already worked harder then the normal QC’s? Yes for me it’s easy to make those 500 contributions as I sometimes make those within a day but for many other gold QC’s it’s not that way or for time bing focus on other things where contributions are not always counted for whatever reason.


Im really disappointed that you want to resort to the math after me and dudie explained the facts… for the said reasons (not being a subber, absence for family reason, hiatus, etc you can not make that math) Im very happy Viki has made that rule, it’s fair and square, just like mods have to produce some subs besides their delegating work.
I appreciate your understanding. (I get what you are saying though :slight_smile: )

I’m very sorry about this whole thing. I’ve been having so many emotional problems the past few days with family, so I will remove my comments and not talk about it again. I am very sorry that I do not think before I say stuff, and I’m very sorry for acting immature. I’m sorry you have to deal with me. I will try to work my hardest and not cause any problems in the future.


I also got mad…when I saw the status bar… it makes me seem like viki thinks i’m not doing enough. I am only one of a handful of active kor-eng editors… what more do you want from me!?


I don’t really get it. If you’re contributing daily, shouldn’t your viki pass remain?
I think it would be better that the free viki pass would be removed if you’re inactive for a period. If you’re still active, the viki pass should remain. It would make members of the community more inspired to contribute :slight_smile:

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Viki stated it very clear:

  1. if you are a Gold QC past 20,000 (and xy segments) and you did contribute till July 11/12 500 subs or segs (?), your viki pass and benefits are good for next 180 days or 6 months i.e. till ca. Jan 8, 2017
    2)if you are Gold QC past 20,000 … if you contribute another 500 during next 180 days (from July 12, 2016 till Jan 8, 2017) then you get a viki pass and benefits for the next 180 days, i.e. till ca. July 12, 2017 etc.

Are you Gold QC? Let’s not make new rules, merci :wink:
I think viki fixed the glitch with the sub count, did you check?
no problem, I guess you acted on your impulse, anyway take it easy and we still love you :smiley_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:


I guess what I’m curious about now is given you were once a QC/gold QC member, but took a hiatus for more than 6 months, how many contributions do you have to make to get back QC/gold QC status? Just 500? Or something else?

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