Important notes on the new QC program!

Just 500. :slight_smile:

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Okay thank you

Thanks for your clarification.

I read through all the comments and I really hope I didn’t miss something but I just wanted to mention that I am pretty sure I remember there was a rule before that said something like "If you are a QC you need to contribute 1000(x?) Subs/segs in 6 months (or was it a year?) or you will lose your QC status. So that’s nothing new! Even though it seems like everyone thinks it is :smiley:

I am pretty sure there was no way to control that before so nobody realized there was that rule(?) but I know I applied for my QC status after reading that rule and knowing it was there.

So even though I also don’t like deadlines I feel like personally the 500 subs are doable for me and I can finally be sure about how much I contributed. Before I knew there was this rule but I kinda had to guess on my own how many subs I did in the time period, not really knowing if I passed the needed count (and not really knowing if anyone ever checked :smiley: )

Also I really like that if you “lose” your QC status you just need to make 500 subs again and you are in again. IF that really works and there are no error in terms of programming then that would be wayyyyy easier than having to apply again and having to wait for an answer. Just my thoughts :wink:


Here is another thread about the QC Program:

hope that helps :slight_smile:

When the account showed 2954 total contributions, the QC “TRAINEE” status said “your QC status will automatically be renewed on January 8, 2017, for another six months.” BUT once I achieved QC, it said I had to contribute more to be renewed in January 2017. (

Despite Viki promised the automatic renewal of QC status would keep track of our contributions, the automatic renewal was TAKEN AWAY once you reached over 3000 total contributions and you had to start earning the 500 all over again.

Does Viki require Segmenters between 2000 and 3000 segments to have at least 3000 segments to be upgraded from QC Trainee to QC? Then there will be a countdown where you need 500 segments more to have the luxury to keep your QC status until January 2017. In other words, 3000 segments and subs combine will not give you QC until January 2017, But it’s actually 3500 minimum? This is just discouraging to QC trainees.

Pictures say a thousand word, please look at my records below. I’m not adding more segments until I receive a decent explanation from you and viki.

@threemusketeers Your lifetime contributions (3480 in your case) determines your QC “level” - i.e. either a QC Trainee, QC or Gold QC.

You need 500 contributions every six months to maintain your QC status, at whatever QC level you are currently at.

If during the course of clocking 500 contributions, your lifetime contributions manage to surpass the minimum bar needed for the next level, we will upgrade your QC level and reset the clock for you to get 500 contributions to maintain your QC status.

Under the previous QC program, segmenters can become QC once they have 2000 segments. Moving forward, all QCs (we are talking about QCs, not QC Trainees) must have at least 3000 lifetime contributions (segments + subtitles) in order to qualify. However, if you have been a QC under the previous program because you have 2000 segments, we will honor that even if your lifetime contribution count is less than 3000. This doesn’t apply in your case, since your lifetime contribution count qualifies for QC on it’s own.

I hope this explanation helps!

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i would like to file a complain for the first time as a member of viki since 2009 for 7 years now. I used to be a QC, but you removed that without any prior notice which i did not complain about. But since i like viki and wanted to be able to watch videos hère i suscribed to viki pass which cost me 6 $cad a month. And now i see suddenly that there are some videos that i cannot watch even with the viki pass without being a QC (qualified contributor).I understand that you are probably looking for more volunteer but what is the point in paying 6$ a month if i cannot even watch all the hot dramas i want. Basically you are telling me to pay that amount just for HD video for some drama, that i could actually watch for free somewhere else. i have been with you for 7 years now and i hope you can do something about this issue as i am having second thought. thanks for your help.The way you are treating your members is surrely not the best as you are sending the impression that we do not matter that much.

I,too, have had painful hands, shoulders and back as I sit and type.
I sometimes, feel stupid for continuing to subtitle under the circumstances. I hope you find a way out of that pain.
Personally, I had to go gluten free to stop the pain.
Best of luck

Hi @onction2 - Thank you for being a Viki Pass subscriber! With Viki Pass, you should be able to watch ad-free and in HD, and also access all of the Viki Pass exclusive shows that we are licensed to broadcast for your country. If you are having trouble watching Viki Pass exclusive shows, please raise a support ticket and we can investigate and see what is wrong.

I have a problem with this new system. I can’t watch the latest episodes of the dramas that i’m currently watching on viki. Is there something I should do to solve this problem? I hope that you can help me with that matter. Thanks.